We offer you a complete and comprehensive selection of surgical supplies. We carry many different types of surgical and minor procedure supplies which are divided into separate categories for your convenience. See our catheter trays, procedure trays, lubricating gels, scalpels and blades, surgical suctions, suture supplies, and forceps, among many others. Browse the categories below to find the products that you are looking for and contact us and we will provide you with any assistance that you require.

Catheter Trays

The Urethral Catheterization Tray from Dynarex includes all the components necessary for the catheterization procedure. Some of the items included are a rubber catheter, under pad, PVP swabs ticks, and powder-free exam gloves. Covidien/Kendall's CURITY 100% Silicone Foley catheter tray also includes the components needed for the procedure, including a drain bag, forceps, fenestrated drape, prepping balls, inflation syringe, a providone/iodine solution, and more. Dynarex's Suction Catheter Kits are available in many sizes and include a control valve, two sterile gloves, and a solution cup. 

Patient Prepping

Our patient prepping section will provide you the supplies you need to prepare patients for surgical procedures. GE offers the Signa Conductive Electrode Cream for use with ECG electrodes. This cream comes with a choice of two purchasing options; either a case with 12 5-oz. bottles of electrode cream or one 70-oz. bottle with a pump dispenser. Check out Kimberly Clark's Personal Utility Strap which secures patients in place during surgery. We also have many different kinds of razors, such as the Gallant Prep razor from Dynarex which features a stainless steel blade that is coated with platinum. It comes in a case of 5 boxes with 50 razors per box. The DawnMist Economy razor from Dukal features a double micro edge blade and has plastic covers for safety. They are disposable and come with 2,000 razors per case. 

Towels and Drapes

Our Towels and Drapes section is conveniently divided into separate sections for operating room towels, magnetic drapes, and tray and table covers. See drapes of many different sizes and types, including an Opthalmic Surgical Refraction Drape and a Femoral Angiography Drape, among many others. In the magnetic drapes section you will find disposable magnetic drapes of various sizes. Our tray and table covers include various types of table covers and also kits that include all the coverings that you will need for various surgical procedures. Browse our full selection and contact us with any questions that you have.


Browse our suture section see view our full selection. We offer you sutures of various types, materials, and sizes. The Sofsilk Sutures from Covidien/Kendall and made of silk for superior softness and ease of use. They are x-ray detectable and are coated with silicone or a wax mixture. The Novafil Monofilament Polybutester Sutures are elastic and non-absorbent. 3M offers the Precise Vista skin stapler which is disposable and comes with a choice of different sizes and quantities of staples for the stapler. These are only a few examples of our very large selection of suture products. View the rest of the products by clicking on the Sutures category below.


There are many distinctive types of forceps, and we carry a varied selection. The Crile Hemostatic forceps are available with a straight tip and a curved tip. Both feature serrated jaws and locking handles for precise usage. The Thumb Dressing Forceps is 5" long and has two serrated tips; one pointed tip and one flat one, and is autoclavable for sterilization. Check out the rest of our selection to find the forceps that best suit your needs.

This is a sampling of the many categories of surgical supplies that we offer you. Click on a category below to view the rest of our large selection of surgical supplies.