Having the right Medical Equipment and Furniture plays a central role in keeping hospital rooms, physicians’ offices, hospital wards, and operating rooms functioning like a well-oiled machine. Whether you’re looking to outfit a new medical facility, or you need to replace old equipment, Tiger Medical is glad to help. 

We offer a complete line of Medical Furniture ranging from Medical Tables to Medical Cabinets, Medical Chairs, Hospital Carts, and even Medical Filing Systems. We only provide quality products from top brands like Clinton Industries, AdirMed, and Hausmann, so you can be sure that you’re investing in quality when you buy from us. 

We can also help equip your facility with every Medical Equipment needed including Exam Lighting, Weighing Scales, Defibrillators, IV Stands, Sharps Disposal, and a lot more – all offered at competitive prices.

With our excellent product offerings and our unfading commitment to customer service, we are the #1 Medical Equipment & Furniture Supplier for small to large medical facilities. 

Medical Tables

Medical Tables provide patients a comfortable and hygienic platform for examinations, diagnostics, and treatments. We have standard, Hi-Lo, bariatric, foldable and cabinet treatment tables as well as manual, power, imaging, massage, pediatric, rehab therapy, and sports training tables. We also have hospital stretchers, recovery couches, and exam room packages that come complete with exam tables, cabinets, and chairs.


Medical Seating

The right medical chair keeps patients and healthcare professionals comfortable during treatments and examinations. Choose from our collection of Medical Chairs including Exam StoolsExam Side ChairsBlood Draw ChairsClinical ReclinersLab and Ergonomic StoolsProcedure Chairs, and Power Procedure Chairs, all with different features such as height adjustability, tilting backrests, premium cushioning, and more to ensure the right fit for your medical practice.


Medical Cabinets

Complete any hospital or physician’s room with the perfect storage solution with our Medical Cabinets. Made by top hospital furniture manufacturers, our Medical Cabinets range from Base Cabinets made of steel or wood to Mobile Cabinets with durable wheels. We also offer Cabinetry Packages that come with base and wall cabinets. Wall Cabinets are also available for separate purchases for the ultimate space-saving storage solution..


Medical Filing

Keep medical other important files organized and accessible in our modular Medical Filing Systems with superior quality and durability. We have Single-or Double-Entry 4-Post Filing SystemsLateral Filing Cabinets, high-capacity Rotary Filing CabinetsStackable Cabinets, and Bi-Slider and Tri-Slider Track Filing Systems that can fit most document sizes. The modular design of these cabinets lets you add more filing shelves as you need.


Sharps Disposal

Prevent accidental cross-contamination, needle sticks, and other sharps injuries with our reliable Sharps Disposal containers. From Biohazard and Non-Biohazard Sharps Disposal to Chemotherapy SharpsHazardous WastePharmaceutical Sharps, and Portable Sharps Disposal, we carry all kinds of sharps disposal solutions to keep you and your patients safe from diseases and injuries.