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Welch Allyn 68096 Standard (Lamp) Miller Laryngoscope Set with Case

By Welch Allyn | Mfr#: 68096 | Tiger#: TM16188
  • Standard (Lamp) Miller Laryngoscope Set with Case WEL68096
  • Standard Miller Laryngoscope Set Inclusions.


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Overview for Welch Allyn 68096 Standard (Lamp) Miller Laryngoscope Set with Case

Standard (Lamp) Miller Laryngoscope Set with Case

The Miller Laryngoscope Set featuresthe popular Miller straight blade that sports a "D" shape cross section which helps prevent dental trauma and allows intubation in patients with small oral openings. The curve begins 2 inches back from the tip for positive lifting action. The blade has a narrow tip for optimum manageability and the base of the blade is rounded to prevent pushing the tongue into the floor of the mouth.


The Standard Miller Set includes both of Welch Allyn's "AA" and "C" cell standard battery lightweight handles and lightweight blades for maximummaneuverability.

Blades are manufactured from one piece stainless steel, and the handles of chrome-plated brass, to assure a lifetime of performance. Handles feature a knurled finish for a comfortable and secure grip.

Included is Standard Miller Laryngoscope Model:

68096-StandardMiller Set Includes

  • Standard Miller Blades #0, 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Medium Handle uses C Cell Batteries
  • Penlight Handle uses AA Batteries
  • 05681-U Case

Robust Design

Welch Allyn's laryngoscope design uses a single piece of 304-series stainless steel as its load-bearing member.This one-piece construction of the Welch Allyn blade is more robust than the typical competitive product. Furthermore, its one-piece blade construction eliminates the potentially weaker soldered or brazed joint.

Design Features

Welch Allyn's innovative design incorporates an easy-to-remove light pipe that eliminates the difficult-to cleanareas of most competitive laryngoscopes.

Removable Light Pipe

Another feature designed to help improve the cleaning of a Welch Allyn blade is its surface finish. Typicallaryngoscope finishes have a surface roughness of 32 in. The surface finish used on all Welch Allyn blades hasa roughness of just 8 in. This creates a surface texture that is approximately four times smoother thancompetitive blades, resulting in an easier-to-clean, stain-resistant laryngoscope blade. What's more, the surfacefinish is not a plating, and therefore does not alter the 304-series stainless steel construction of the blade itself.

More Value by Design

There are primarily two causes of reduced light transmission in fiber optic laryngoscopes: fiber opticbreakage and epoxy blockage. Light degradation caused by fiber optic breakage will occur in varyingdegrees in any laryngoscope that is subjected to severe changes in temperature.

  • When a fiber optic laryngoscope is steam-sterilized, the heatinvolved causes the epoxy (used to hold the fibers in placewithin the fiber optic bundle) to expand and extrude pastthe end of the light pipe.
  • The epoxy cools following the autoclave process andhardens over the optics, blocking light emissions from thosefibers. As more and more fibers are blocked, less and lesslight is emitted and the accuracy of the intubation processmay be jeopardized.

FREE Polishing Service

Welch Allyn's state-of-the-art blade design allows for the removable fiber optic light pipe to berepolished throughout the life of the blade. When the optics are repolished, occluding epoxy is removedfrom the input and output points of the fiber optic pipe. This restores the light transmission to itsoptimum level, thus increasing the overall life of the blade. A Welch Allyn light pipe can be repolishedthree times over its lifetime-and can then be replaced at a fraction of the cost of a complete blade.

Welch Allyn will provide this repolishing service free ofcost whenever it is needed over the life of the laryngoscope blades.

Upgradable and Repairable by Design

The removable fiber optic design truly makes Welch Allyn blades thesmart choice for you. That's because this unique design makes ourblades the most affordable way toupgradefrom standard to fiber opticlighting-while still offering the benefits of one-piece blade construction.

To upgrade to fiber optics, simply replace your current, standard lamplight pipe with the fiber optic pipe.

Welch Allyn Warranty

Welch Allyn laryngoscope blades and handles are guaranteed against all manufacturing defects for the lifeof the instrument. Welch Allyn will repair or replace, free of charge, any parts of its own manufactureproven to be defective through causes other than misuse, neglect, damage in shipment or normal wear.Every Welch Allyn laryngoscope blade comes with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.



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