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SHL Telemedicine E-485-0 Smartheart Pro12 Personal Mobile ECG Monitor *DISCONTINUED*

By SHL Telemedicine | Mfr#: E-485-0 | Tiger#: TM87846
  • Smartheart® Pro Personal Mobile ECG Monitor SHLA-486-0
  • SHLA-486-0 - Smartheart® Pro12-Lead ECG Device with 1-Year ECG Review Service - Housing Unit
  • SHLA-486-0 - Smartheart® Pro12-Lead ECG Device with 1-Year ECG Review Service - With Electrobelt
  • SHLA-486-0 - Smartheart® Pro12-Lead ECG Device with 1-Year ECG Review Service - Aound the Chest


  • Fastest & Smallest Personal Mobile ECG Monitor
  • Facilitates Full Capacity 12-Lead ECG on Smartphone or Tablet
  • Medical Grade Device at Your Personal Disposal Anytime Anywhere
  • Patient Data is Stored in Cloud & Comply with HIPAA Standards
  • Includes 1-Year Round the Clock ECG Review Service
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Overview for SHL Telemedicine E-485-0 Smartheart Pro12 Personal Mobile ECG Monitor

The Smartheart® Pro Personal Mobile ECG Monitor from SHL Telemedicine combines latest diagnostic technologies and delivers them at your home, office or any other desirable location. It turns your smartphone or tablet into a full capacity ECG device ensuring excellent mobility and outstanding data management capabilities. The Smartheart® Pro is faster and much smaller than any standard ECG machine, bringing efficiency and clinical quality to your personal disposal anytime, anywhere. The Smartheart® Pro is a medical grade, FDA-cleared and CE-marked device. Experience the benefits of smart technologies, safe data transmission, user friendly interface and a 24/7 ECG Review Service.

Smart App for Simple Operation
The SHL Telemedicine Smartheart® Pro is designed to revolutionize your personal "in-home" ECG testing experience the way that it has never been simpler or faster. To start off, simply download the Smartheart® app to your smartphone or tabled and you are ready to go. The application features a user-friendly interface allowing for a quick patient entry, storing and managing personal data or multiple patient profiles if used by a physician. Extended report function provides a list of possible symptoms that you can choose from if any have been reported by the patient at the time of the test. Further the reported symptoms are included into the final report helping to acquire a more complete picture. Electrode tracking function will indicate if the electrodes are securely in contact with the patient’s skin during the time of the procedure and provide a visual guidance if the problem is detected. It ensures the acquisition of accurate readings and eliminates the need of retests. For extra flexibility, the Smartheart® app is compatible with both iOS or Android software.

Fast Testing with Clinical Accuracy
Importantly, the use of Smartheart® Pro Personal Mobile ECG Monitor does not require any prior training. The System consists of a housing unit, convenient electrobelt that is designed to fit a wide range of chest sizes and three electrodes, two underarm and one waste electrode. As soon as the Smartheart® Systme is properly placed, it takes only 30 seconds to acquire a medical quality 12-lead ECG report. You will be able to follow the test progress in real time on smartphone or tabled screen. As the test is complete the ECG report will immediately appear on the screen of your device.

Advanced Data Management
The Smartheart® Pro 12-Lead ECG Device offers broad data management capabilities that include instant report review on your smartphone or tablet. All reports are also automatically saved to a cloud which you can access anytime anywhere. The storage platform is secured and complies with HIPAA standards so that you can be sure of information safety and patients’ privacy.

Optional ECG Review Service
The Smartheart® Pro includes a 1-year subscription with SHL Telemedicine ECG Review Service that is recognized as one of the world’s best telemedicine centers. The specially trained team of professionals who are dedicated to ECG interpretation is available round the clock to provide ECG reviews with findings within only 15 minutes after report submission. The Service is proven to benefit a wide variety of Smartheart® Pro users, from practicing specialists to private uses who have a family history of heart disease, have been referred to the Service by their physicians, pro active people who are taking care of their health and many others. The collective work of SHL Telemedicine team have already resulted in saving many lives by identifying heart attacks and critical moments efficiently and right-on-time.

Select Your SHL Telemedicine Smartheart® Pro Personal Mobile ECG Monitor

For extra flexibility SHL Telemedicine offers two purchase options of a Smartheart® Pro. For detailed information, please see below:

  • E-486-0 - Smartheart® Pro ECG Monitor Only 
  • A-486-0 - Smartheart® Pro ECG Monitor with 1-year ECG Review Service

To purchase Smartheart® Pro of your choice, please go to the drop down menu above and complete your online order in a few easy steps.