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Symmetry Surgical / Bovie SE03-120 Shark III Surgical Smoke Evacuator, 120v

By Symmetry Surgical / Bovie | Mfr#: SE03-120 | Tiger#: TM111000
  • Smoke Shark III Surgical Smoke Evacuator, 120v BOVSE03-120
  • Bovie Smoke Shark III Surgical Smoke Evacuator, 120v BOVSE03-120


  • Compact design for convenient wall mounting 
  • Includes filter, remove activator, pencil adapter, wall mounting kit
  • 6-hour filter designed for multiple, shorter procedures (15 minutes or less)
  • Efficient four-stage ULPA filtration system
  • Ultra-quiet vacuum motor
  • Low-cost option with excellent suction and filtration capability
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Overview for Symmetry Surgical / Bovie SE03-120 Shark III Surgical Smoke Evacuator, 120v

Surgical smoke plumes are not only hazardous to human health, but they also worsen visibility in the room and slow down operations. For a small physicians’ office, however, high-end smoke evacuators may not be a practical solution. That’s where the Smoke Shark III Surgical Smoke Evacuator comes in. The Smoke Shark III is a compact, low-cost option that fits right in a physician’s office’s space and budget without compromising performance. It has a powerful motor and a four-stage UPLA filter, and it can be used with most electrosurgical pencils using the included SharkSkin pencil adapter. 

Ultra-quiet, powerful motor: The Smoke Shark III has a powerful motor that suctions the surgical smoke from the surgery site through the vacuum tubing and into the filter. Despite its power, this motor makes minimal noise (<55dB) to avoid interference with surgeries.

Superior filter technology: Smoke Shark III uses a 4-stage filter system that leaves nothing to chance. It has a prefilter that traps and removes gross particulate and a ULPA-grade filter that captures particulates and micro-organisms from .1 to .2 microns at an efficiency of 99.999%. Odors and toxic gases are also removed. One filter can last for 6 hours, with a filter life indicator on the front panel of the unit. This disposable filter is packaged in one convenient casing for simplified installation and removal during filter changes. The enclosed design protects medical personnel from possible contamination during filter changes.

Remote activation: Included in the package is the Smart Shark Sensor Activation switch that enables automatic remote control of the smoke evacuator to save on filter life. Once connected to the unit, the activation switch synchronizes the smoke evacuator with the desiccator device so that the smoke evacuator unit activates when the desiccator device is activated. Likewise, releasing the pencil button on the desiccator handpiece automatically deactivates the smoke evacuator device. 

Compact and easy to use: This smoke evacuator weighs only 7lbs and is one of the smallest surgical smoke evacuators in the market. Its compact and lightweight design makes it easy to store, transport, and mount using the included wall mount kit. The intuitive interface of the front panel clearly shows whether the unit is on standby or motor-on mode, the remaining filter life, and if the unit needs service.

The Smoke Shark III is the ideal surgical smoke evacuator for medical facilities with limited space and budget. With a powerful motor and a four-stage UPLA filter, this smoke evacuator delivers its promise of protecting healthcare workers from the dangers of smoke plumes. 

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