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(Discontinued)R Series Plus ALS Hospital Defibrillator with Expansion Pack *DISCONTINUED*

By Zoll | Mfr#: 31520000001310013 | Tiger#: TM24280

Product Highlights


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  • Fast, reliable Code-Ready® hospital-grade ALS defibrillator with CPR assistance
  • Changes from an AED to a full manual defibrillator with the push of a button
  • For use in adult, pediatric, and neonatal patients
  • Rectilinear biphasic waveform technology
  • Includes NIBP and OneStep™ Pacing
  • WiFi 802.11b compatible, WiFi card included
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Overview for Zoll 31520000001310013 (Discontinued)R Series Plus ALS Hospital Defibrillator with Expansion Pack

The Zoll R Series ALS Monitor Defibrillator, the world's first Code-Ready® defibrillator, is an affordable, customizable, advanced resuscitation device recommended for use in hospitals. When seconds count in life-and-death situations, it is imperative to have a defibrillator that is always ready and simple to use. In addition to high-quality defibrillation, the R Series provides Real CPR Help® and See-Thru CPR to ensure that critical CPR is given correctly for optimal resuscitation efforts.

CPR Assistance

Real CPR Help® coaches responders to perform CPR correctly with real-time feedback, prompting users to begin compressions, push harder, and continue CPR, along with messages confirming that the CPR is being done effectively. It displays compression depth, compression rate, and lapse time indicators to ensure that CPR is consistent, properly timed, and deep enough; it also combines all three compression functions into the CPR Index™, one visual indicator that allows users to view the quality of their CPR efforts and adjust as necessary. Audio prompting urges users to "push harder" and "continue CPR," and exhorts "good compressions" when CPR is done correctly. The monitor is also capable of transmitting CPR data for review and playback of resuscitation efforts.

CPR is frequently interrupted unnecessarily to determine if a viable heart rhythm has developed. This cuts down on valuable lifesaving CPR time. See-Thru CPR allows responders to see heart rhythm in real time while performing CPR without stopping. It displays a filtered signal by separating the underlying heart rhythm from compression artifact so that rescuers don't have to stop multiple times in order to check if a shockable rhythm has been established.

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Defibrillator features

The R Series defibrillator is always code-ready, performing automatic self-checks daily to ensure that it is always ready when needed; it even tests electrode quality and detects expired electrodes. All R Series units are equipped with an Analyze switch to provide rescuers with a "second opinion." They also feature a pediatric analysis algorithm, activated with the connection of OneStep™ pediatric cables (sold separately) for safe use on children. The R Series includes a built-in Defib Mentor™ for training and familiarity tutorials to refresh users' memories for proper use.

The unit utilizes rectilinear biphasic technology for superior performance with less energy use. Contrary to popular belief, defibrillators with higher energy settings are not more capable than others. The rectilinear biphasic waveform has shown superior results in defibrillation at 200 J (compared with the average 360 J of other biphasic waveforms), delivering the right amount of average current over the optimal duration to high impedance patients. 

The defibrillator is powered by integrated 120V/60Hz AC power and is compatible with a 5.8 Ah lithium ion battery pack (sold separately) for portability. It includes a built-in test port and compact flash card slot and is guaranteed for 5 years for product quality assurance and peace of mind.

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Manual/automatic capabilities

When a code occurs, the first people on the scene are not always trained in the administration of manual defibrillation or are hesitant to use a regular defibrillator. The R Series Plus changes from a manual defibrillator to an automatic external defibrillator (AED) with the push of a button, enabling first responders - even laypersons - to defibrillate patients in those first critical moments of the code. When a code team member or more skilled individual arrives on scene, he or she can simply push the button to switch over to manual mode and continue resuscitation efforts. Both modes use the same cables and equipment so there is no need to switch any hardware when changing modes.

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Wireless expansion pack

The defibrillator is made even more code-ready with the addition of a wireless expansion pack, which enables WiFi 802.11b compatibility. It wirelessly transmits daily readiness check results to any PC within the selected network. Important code summaries may be transmitted as well. 

The expansion pack includes a WiFi compact flash card for complete readiness.

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Non-invasive blood pressure (NIBP)

The R Series is programmed to take single or multiple blood pressure readings for improved diagnostic testing. It uses SunTech's Advantage R-Wave motion-tolerant technology, which isolates pulses from outside noises even with patient movement and transport motion. It provides systolic, diastolic, and heart rate measurements simultaneously and automatically adjusts cuff inflation pressure based on the previous systolic reading. With NIBP, the R Series may be programmed to sound an alarm when blood pressure goes above or below user-configured limits and displays a four-hour history of blood pressure readings. A one-button function aborts any in-progress measurement or series of measurements at any time.

The defibrillator includes a 23-33 cm adult-sized latex-free cuff and 3 m air hose. It is compatible with neonatal, pediatric and adult patients (cuffs in other sizes sold separately).

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OneStep™ Pacing

Zoll's innovative OneStep™ pacing technology provides half the current with twice the capture for heartbeat regulation with improved patient comfort. The external pacemaker may be temporarily stopped for observation of underlying ECG rhythm. Pacing relies on an external ECG signal and can often be cumbersome and confusing with extra ECG leads and electrodes. Zoll's OneStep™ Pacing electrodes combine ECG monitoring electrodes and pacing/defibrillation electrodes into one hands-free pad, eliminating tangles, confusion, and the need for multiple pads and wires.

The R Series includes a OneStep™ pacing electrode, OneStep™ pacing cable, OneStep™ cable manager, and three built-in ECG leads.

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What's in the Box
  • Zoll R Series Plus ALS Defibrillator Main Unit with Wireless Expansion Package
  • WiFi compact flash card
  • Adult blood pressure cuff
  • 3m blood pressure air hose
  • With optional OneStep™ Pacing:
  • OneStep™ pacing electrode
  • OneStep™ pacing cable
  • OneStep™ cable manager
  • ECG leads
  • User's manual
  • Instructional CD
  • Warranty card