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Welch Allyn 5090-41CB Platinum Aneroid Set with DuraShock Technology

By Welch Allyn | Mfr#: 5090-41CB | Tiger#: TM15711
  • Wall Aneroid with Reusable One-Piece Adult Cuff WELDS58-11
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  • Unique gear-free DuraShock™ extra shock-resistant technology 
  • Retains accuracy longer than traditional blood pressure gauges
  • Premium inflation system and aesthetics
  • Latex-free, FlexiPort™ integrated cuffs
  • Lightweight, durable, and portable
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Overview for Welch Allyn 5090-41CB Platinum Aneroid Set with DuraShock Technology

In traditional aneroid sphygmomanometer design, several delicate gears and springs convert and amplify vertical movement of the pinion to rotational movement to turn the pointer. The DuraShock™ gear-free design, however, uses a superior single helix spring to directly convert the vertical movement of the pinion to rotation of the pointer without the use of a multi-step gear arrangement.

Maintain accurate blood pressure readings with lower lifetime cost with gear-free DuraShock™ technology. The Platinum Series' premium gauge provides unsurpassed reliability in a traditional handheld device. 

The Welch Allyn Platinum Series DuraShock™ hand aneroid sphygmomanometer is accurate to ±3 mmHg or 2% of the reading above 200 mmHg. This product will maintain the safety and performance characteristics specified at temperatures ranging from 10º C to 40º C at a relative humidity level not to exceed 90%.

The super shock-resistant device can withstand up to 60° drop (twice the AAMI "Shock Resistant" standard) and remain in calibration. It features jewel movement for long life, laser-engraved dial face for accuracy, and premium inflation system to enhance user comfort. Its lighter-than-traditional-model weight won't weigh down your lab coat.

The Classic aneroid plugs directly into the integrated FlexiPort cuff, providing a more robust design that is twice as shock resistant as the current DS44 and DS45 Integrated gauges from Welch Allyn. The gauge rotates 360º for easy viewing from any angle. The latex-free cuffs feature a folded edge to reduce risk of cuts and scrapes for maximum patient comfort.

Select Model & Cuff

You can choose either a Handheld or Pocket model. The Pocket option comes with a choice of cuff types in either Adult or Large Adult sizes. Select your preferences from the drop-down above.

  • DS48-11: Handheld - FlexiPort Reusable 1-Tube Adult Cuff
  • 5090-02: Pocket - FlexiPort Reusable 2-Tube Adult Cuff
  • 5090-41: Pocket - FlexiPort Reusable 2-Tube Large Adult Cuff
  • DS48-11CB: Pocket - Two-Piece Reusable 1-Tube Adult Cuff 
  • 5090-41CB: Pocket - Two-Piece Reusable 1-Tube Large Adult Cuff


Made in the USA