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Natus Medical, Inc. ED35R Nicolet Elite 200 Handheld Doppler *DISCONTINUED*

By Natus Medical, Inc. | Mfr#: ED35R | Tiger#: TM100452
  • Nicolet Elite 200 Handheld Doppler NBMED25
  • The Nicolet Elite 200 Handheld Doppler with various probe options


  • High-quality signals via the Static Supression Doppler (SSD) technology
  • Reliable doppler which allows static-free signals with supreme clarity 
  • Quick detection of vascular signals via Broad-Beam technology
  • Optional digital display that uses pattern recognition techniques for accurate heart rate
  • Trusted manufacturer of quality Dopplers for over 40 years
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Ships Out Within: Discontinued
Tiger Medical no longer carries this item

Overview for Natus Medical, Inc. ED35R Nicolet Elite 200 Handheld Doppler

The Nicolet Elite 200 Handheld Doppler is the epitome of an ideal Doppler ultrasound device. A regular ultrasound only uses sound waves to produce images and can’t show blood flow. However, the Doppler ultrasound can be used to estimate the blood flow through blood vessels by recoiling high-frequency sound waves (ultrasound) off circulating red blood cells. This helps diagnose many conditions such as blood clots, blocked arteries or poorly functioning valves as well as detect fetal heartbeat. This Elite 200 Doppler includes an obstetric and a vascular probe, well suited for larger patients and pregnant ladies. Combining performance with usability, the Nicolet Elite 200 is an entirely configurable device that provides the best possible Doppler ultrasound performance. 

High quality signals: The Static Suppression Doppler (SSD) technology enables static-free signals with supreme clarity which allows most accurate diagnostic reports. Reliable premium sound can be heard from its built-in speaker or optional headset. 

Obstetric Reliability and Premium Vascular Performance

The Elite probe presents the broad-beam technology, that streamlines the process of detecting the signal of interest and locking on to it. The Elite Doppler’s optimum shape makes finding signals easier than ever before. 

  • 2MHz Waterproof Obstetric Probe: Deep signal penetration which is optimal to determine fetal viability in larger women and later in pregnancy. Reliably detects the fetal heartbeat at 12 weeks and is even fit for underwater labor and delivery. 
  • 3MHz Obstetric Probe: Supports shallow signal penetration and is ideal to oversee the fetus in early stages of pregnancy. Can pick up fetal signals as early as 8 weeks. 
  • 5MHz Vascular Probe: Deeper penetration than 8MHz probe. Optimal for post-surgery patients and while observing deep veins and arteries. Enables quick location of vascular signals with no need to correctly angle the probe.
  • 8MHz Vascular Probe: Shallow signal penetration, optimal to gage superficial vessels. Common for uses such as detecting pedal pulses and locating deep pulses in diabetic and trauma patients. 

Product Options:

  • ED25: 2MHz Waterproof Obstetric and 5MHz Vascular Probes w/Non-rechargeable battery
  • ED35: 3MHz Obstetric and 5MHz Vascular Probes w/Non-rechargeable battery
  • ED35R: 3MHz Obstetric and 5MHz Vascular Probes w/Rechargeable Battery 
  • ED28R: 2MHz Waterproof Obstetric and 8MHz Vascular Probes w/Rechargeable Battery