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Natus Medical, Inc. EN20 Nicolet Elite 100 Handheld Doppler *DISCONTINUED*

By Natus Medical, Inc. | Mfr#: EN20 | Tiger#: TM102952
  • Nicolet Elite 100 Handheld Doppler
  • 2 MHz OB probe
  • 3 MHz OB probe
  • Nicolet Elite 100 Fetal Doppler with 2 MHz OB Probe



  • Reliable detection of fetal heartbeats at any stage in pregnancy
  • High-quality sound via the Static Suppression Doppler (SSD) technology
  • Quick signal detection via the broad-beam technology
  • Easy-to-handle probe with a comfortable shape
  • Trusted manufacturer of quality Dopplers for over 40 years
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Ships Out Within: Discontinued
Tiger Medical no longer carries this item

Overview for Natus Medical, Inc. EN20 Nicolet Elite 100 Handheld Doppler

The Nicolet Elite 100 Handheld Fetal Doppler is the industry-leading Doppler device preferred by medical professionals for quick fetal signal detection at any stage in pregnancy. This Doppler device over-performs in three important areas: the quality of sound, ease of use, and configurability.

High-Quality Sound

With the Static Suppression Doppler (SSD) technology, the Nicolet Elite 100 Doppler produces crystal clear, static-free signals for accurate readings every single time. Whether used as early as 8 weeks, later than 12 weeks, and even in underwater labor and delivery, this Doppler device is guaranteed to produce high-quality sound. You’ll have the option to listen to the sound publicly using a built-in speaker or privately using a headset.

Fetal Signal Detection Made Easier

Detecting fetal signal is often a struggle with low-end devices, but the Nicolet Elite 100 Doppler probes are built to completely streamline this process. Unlike most other probes that require the user to move the probe around to find a signal, the highly sensitive Nicolet Elite 100 Doppler probes use broad-beam technology to quickly locate fetal heartbeats even without angling the probe. With this Doppler device, detecting and locking on fetal heartbeats is as simple as placing the probe on top of the target, making the process faster and easier for both patients and health practitioners. These probes are also carefully shaped and designed for easy handling.

Configurable to Meet Your Needs

Medical facilities have changing needs, and the Nicolet Elite 100 Fetal Doppler is built to meet those needs. Fully configurable, you can easily switch between the following obstetric probes for accurate fetal signal detection in any situation:

  • 2 MHz obstetric probe: The 2 MHz obstetric probe has a wide beam and deep penetration, making it ideal for fetal heartbeat detection for larger women in later stages of pregnancy (as late as 12 weeks) and even during labor and delivery.
  • 2 MHz waterproof obstetric probe: This waterproof probe is ideal for underwater labor and delivery fetal heartbeat detection.
  • 3 MHz obstetric probe: This probe is best used for detecting fetal signal as early as 8-12 weeks due to its shallow signal penetration.

High-quality sound, no-stress detection of signals, and configurability make the Nicolet Elite 100 Doppler the ideal Doppler device for a comfortable, superior fetal heartbeat detection.

Product Options:

  • EN20: 2 MHz OB probe and non-rechargeable battery
  • EN20R: 2 MHz OB probe and rechargeable battery
  • EN23: 2 and 3 MHz OB probes and non-rechargeable battery
  • EN23R: 2 and 3 MHz OB probes and rechargeable battery
  • EN2W: 2 MHz waterproof probe and non-rechargeable battery
  • EN2W3: 2 MHz waterproof and 3MHz standard OB probe and non-rechargeable battery
  • EN2W3R: 2 MHz waterproof and 3MHz standard obstetric probe with rechargeable battery
  • EN2WR: 2 MHz waterproof probe with rechargeable battery
  • EN30: 3 MHz obstetric probe and non-rechargeable battery
  • EN30R: 3 MHz obstetric probe and rechargeable battery

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