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Pro Advantage P122945 Microfiber Rough Floor Mop Head *DISCONTINUED*

By Pro Advantage | Mfr#: P122945 | Tiger#: TM92824


  • Heavy duty
  • Launderable
  • Wider and more even coverage
  • Lessens cleaning time
List Price: $92.14
You Save: $24.33 - 26%
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Availability:Out Of Stock
Ships Out Within: Discontinued
Tiger Medical no longer carries this item

Overview for Pro Advantage P122945 Microfiber Rough Floor Mop Head

Pro Advantage Microfiber Rough Floor Mop has heavy duty strands that can keep up with tough general floor maintenance. It won't shred or lint easily even when used on abrasive surfaces.

Launderable, it has a fantail style that gives it a wider and even coverage than standard mops. This greatly lessens cleaning time.

The following options are offered, with Cross Reference included:

Microfiber Rough Floor Mop Head
Item#Product ChoiceGolden Star#RubberMaid #
 P122094 Medium. 1 1/4" Headband. Natural AWM94M 
 P122194 Large. 1 1/4" Headband. Natural AWM94L FGH246
P122294  Medium. 5" Headband. NaturalAWM94M5  1820584 
P122394  Large. 5" Headband. Natural AWM94L5 
 P122494 Medium. 1 1/4" Headband. Blue AWM94MB1820583 
 P122594 Medium. 5" Headband. Blue AWM94MB5FGT812 
 P122694 Large. 1 1/4" Headband. Blue AWM94LBFGT813 
 P122794 Large. 5" Headband. Blue AWM94LB5FGT852
P122894 Medium. 1 1/4" Headband. Green AWM94MG FGT853 
 P122940 Large. 1 1/4" Headband. Green AWM94LG FGT812
 P122941 Large. 5" Headband. Green AWM94LG5 FGT813
 P122942 Medium. 1 1/4" Headband. Orange AWM94MOFGT852 
 P122943 Medium. 5" Headband. OrangeAWM94MO5 FGT853 
 P122944Large. 1 1/4" Headband. Orange  AWM94LOFGT812  
P122945  Large. 5" Headband. OrangeAWM94LO5 FGT852
P122994  Medium. 5" Headband. GreenAWM94MG5 FGT853  


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