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(Discontinued)M Series ACLS Manual/Advisory Defibrillator *DISCONTINUED*

By Zoll | Mfr#: 40510011100123010 | Tiger#: TM24495

Product Highlights


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  • Smallest, lightest, brightest manual defibrillator in its class
  • ACLS for skilled rescuers
  • Rectilinear biphasic waveform technology
  • Built-in multi-function thermal printer
  • CPR assistance and advisory mode
  • Optional SpO2, NIBP, pacing, 12-lead ECG, OneStep cable, and code marker
  • RS232 data transfer capable, 2 PCMCIA card slots
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Overview for Zoll 40510011100123010 (Discontinued)M Series ACLS Manual/Advisory Defibrillator

Please note: electrodes and pads are not included as pictured and may be purchased separately.

Zoll's line of revolutionary defibrillators, the M Series, is the world's lightest, smallest defibrillator, yet packed with advanced features for use in every rescue situation. The ACLS Manual/Advisory Defibrillator provides complete resuscitative and monitoring capabilities in a modular, durable unit recommended for use by hospital staff and EMS responders skilled in advanced cardiovascular life support. 

Main device features

The M Series Basic Manual Defibrillator weighs only 11 pounds for easy portability and features simple operation to prevent confusion. All M Series devices operate on the same principles, making straightforward uniformity easy to achieve. It also includes Error Correction, a feature that provides corrective prompts when mistakes are made during use. 

All models have an integral diagnostic frequency response for 12-lead ECG, regardless of whether or not 12-lead is included. The monitors feature two PCMCIA card slots and RS232 data transfer capabilities.


The unit's large, high resolution LCD display features field emission display (FED) technology and a wide viewing angle for bright, clear visibility at any angle.

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Printer and accessories

Every M Series defibrillator includes a built-in 3-channel thermal strip recorder with a pack of printer paper. It prints out all ECG data and a full code summary - pacing, patient care, defibrillation, and treatment - after every use. Built-in AC power and battery charger provide two power supplies without any added weight or bulk. Every model includes a 3-lead patient cable with integral lead wires, and a universal cable. 

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CPR Assistance

Real CPR Help® coaches responders to perform CPR correctly with real-time feedback, prompting users to begin compressions, push harder, and continue CPR, along with messages confirming that the CPR is being done effectively. It displays compression depth, compression rate, and lapse time indicators to ensure that CPR is consistent, properly timed, and deep enough; it also combines all three compression functions into the CPR Index™, one visual indicator that allows users to view the quality of their CPR efforts and adjust as necessary. Audio prompting urges users to "push harder" and "continue CPR," and exhorts "good compressions" when CPR is done correctly.

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Rectilinear biphasic waveform technology

The unit utilizes rectilinear biphasic technology for superior performance with less energy use. Contrary to popular belief, defibrillators with higher energy settings are not more capable than others. The rectilinear biphasic waveform has shown superior results in defibrillation at 200 J (compared with the average 360 J of other biphasic waveforms), delivering the right amount of average current over the optimal duration to high impedance patients. 

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Advisory mode

The defibrillator may be ordered with advisory mode. With this added feature, responders who are unsure of the next step to take may press the "analyze" button for resuscitation assistance. The defibrillator will then analyze the situation and provide prompts to the rescuer.

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The M Series ACLS Manual/Advisory Defibrillator may be ordered in its most basic form or with added monitoring capabilities including pulse oximetry, blood pressure monitoring, external pacing, and 12-lead ECG with optional OneStep cable. Available configurations include:

Select your model from the drop-down menu in the upper right corner of this page, then click "add to cart" for hassle-free ordering at the lowest price!

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External pacing can be instrumental in a life-and-death situation. Pacing delivers a regular current to the heart, acting as an external pacemaker to regulate the heart's rhythm. The M Series' pacing technology provides a constant, fixed 40-millisecond pulse for better patient tolerance and capture rates.

Electrodes and pads are sold separately.

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Pulse oximetry (SpO2)

The monitor may be configured to measure pulse oximetry, or the level of oxygen saturation in blood, for complete patient vital signs monitoring. Featuring Masimo with Signal Extraction Technology, it provides highly accurate readings even with motion, external pacing, and patients in shock or with low perfusion. It monitors neonatal, pediatric and adult patients at risk of hypoxemia non-invasively and continuously. When simultaneously pacing, it monitors ECG and pulse rate as well.

When ordered with SpO2, the unit includes a reusable adult sensor and eight-foot extension cable.

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Non-invasive blood pressure (NIBP)

The M Series is programmed to take rapid, 30-second measurements with noise and motion filtering technology, which isolates pulses from outside noises even with patient movement and transport motion. Three functions - single, stat, and fully automated - make complete patient assessment, drug titration, and continuous readings fast and easy. The unit automatically stores and prints all measurements, code marker summaries, and vital sign information for recall and review.

The defibrillator includes an adult-sized latex-free cuff and blood pressure hose. It is compatible with neonatal, pediatric and adult patients (cuffs in other sizes sold separately). 

12-lead ECG

Studies have shown that the administration of a 12-lead ECG measurement can save up to 15 minutes of critical life-saving time in STEMI patients, who are advised emergency percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) within less than 90 minutes of their episodes. The M Series may be ordered with the GE Medical Systems Marquette® 12SL™ Analysis Program, an interpretive 12-lead ECG system that rapidly captures accurate readings and transmits them via virtually every medium. Patient data may be entered quickly and easily with on-screen alphanumeric text, and rescuers may procure a 4x3 printout with analytical measurement reports with the push of a button. 

The 12-lead ECG may also be ordered with a OneStep cable to combine multiple cables and equipment into one simple entity. Another option includes code marker technology for easy tracking of code history during transport and treatment.

What's in the Box
  • M Series Basic Manual Defibrillator main unit
  • Integrated multiple application thermal printer
  • Optional NIBP with:
    • Adult cuff
    • Blood pressure hose
  • Optional pulse oximetry with:
    • Masimo SET reusable adult sensor
    • 8-foot extension cable
  • Optional external pacing technology
  • Optional 12-lead ECG with optional OneStep cable
  • 3-lead patient cable with integral lead wires
  • Universal cable
  • Rechargeable lead acid battery
  • AC mains power cord
  • Pack of printer paper
  • Instructional CD
  • Warranty card