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Beckman Coulter 771996 LH 780 Hematology Analyzer LH 780 Respiratory Monitor *DISCONTINUED*

By Beckman Coulter | Mfr#: 771996 | Tiger#: TM73342


  • Drives productivity to ensure better efficiency and an increased turnaround time
  • Automated NRBC enumeration reduces the need for retesting and additional reagents
  • Patient safety is prioritized through the use of automatic barcode scanning 
  • Environmentally friendly practice encouraged, and cyanide-free reagents are available
  • LH SlideMaker and SlideStainer optionally available

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Overview for Beckman Coulter 771996 LH 780 Hematology Analyzer LH 780 Respiratory Monitor

The LH 780 Hematology Analyzer is a combination of Beckman Coulter’s commitment to advancing medical technologies and capabilities, and their uncompromising standards for accuracy and reliability. LH 780 has been designed to improve efficiency in high-volume laboratory settings which require a high throughput, bringing exceptional performance through a range of sophisticated, automated features.

AccuCount technology: AccuCount technology improves productivity by increasing linearity: it extends WBC lineariry from 0 – 400,000 and platelet linearity from 0 – 3,000,000. It allows technicians to set clinical decision thresholds based on patient age and location, providing increased confidence in results without additional costly testing. It also features SAM (sample aspiration module), a uniquely designed feature which reduces the required aspiration volume and decreases false-positive results and the need for confirmatory tests.

Automated enumeration: LH 780 is designed to make your lab run more efficiently, by using less reagents and running automated programs without manual intervention. This analyzer automatically identifies and enumerates NRBCs with every CBC/diff mode test, eliminating the need for additional reagents. Additionally, LH 780 allows you to expand your insights by using and RDW-SD parameter. This measures red cell dispersion using the standard deviation of the width of the red cell population. This gives technicians a greater ability to differentiate between different causes of anemia; an elevated RDW-SD can be produced by iron deficiency, where normal or decreased RDW-SD allows for the identification of possible heterozygous thalassemia.

Increased productivity: By removing the need for technologist intervention and sample re-runs, LH 780 improves the lab’s productivity. Its intelligent workload distribution mechanism optimizes workflow by creating faster testing for rapid turnaround, allowing for rapid return of STAT and ER results.

Standardized process: LH 780 allows for differential flagging, so that user defined decision-making rules can be implemented, based on a range of factors within a demographic such as patient age or location. These rules allow for practice to be standardized across all shifts within a lab.

User-friendly system: This system has been designed to avoid the need for manual intervention wherever possible. As such, it utilizes an advanced bar code reader which can successfully read even low-quality resolution bar codes using innovative imaging technology. This enhances both efficiency and patient safety. There are no moving mechanical parts, which ensures smoother use and increased reliability. Additionally, the system also uses an improved user interface which allows for easier learning and intuitive use.

Environmentally-friendly practice: LH 780 uses unique consumables which optimize workflow and performance, and reduce the need for formaldehyde processing. Cyanide-free reagents are available. Automated, pre-loading equipment with onboard QC and diagnostics has an increased efficiency, leading to more environmentally friendly practice.

Extended quality control: The XM QC package allows you to obtain an exponentially weighted moving average of CBC, NRBC, 5-part differential and reticulocyte parameters, and process user-configurable batch sizes for 2 - 1000 runs, for up to 20 batches.

SlideMaker and SlideStainer: The LH 780 can be configured with LH SlideMaker and LH SlideStainer, to streamline one of the lab’s most time-consuming manual tasks by automating slide preparation. By eliminating complex tracks for specimen delivery, this system helps decrease errors and increase accuracy with simple, no-prep loading. Operators can simply insert sample cassettes into the analyzer and return later to remove stained blood films, which have been clearly labelled with stain resistant labels and optional barcoding.

Customize Your LH 780 Hematology Analyzer:

  • Available with optional LH SlideMaker and SlideStainer
#771996: LH 780 Hematology Analyzer
#771556: LH 780 Hematology Analyzer with LH SlideMaker and SlideStainer

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Made in the USA