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BD 382612 Insyte Autoguard BC Shielded IV Catheters with Blood Control Technology - Winged - 200/cs

By BD | Mfr#: 382612 | Tiger#: TM84341


  • Autoguard™ Technology for Safe Needle Retraction 
  • Instaflash Needle Technology for First-Stick Needle Insertion
  • Vialon™ Biomaterial for Longer Dwell Time
  • Blood Control Technology for Enhanced Safety 
  • Variety of Sizes Available 
List Price: $576.00
You Save: $88.10 - 15%
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Overview for BD 382612 Insyte Autoguard BC Shielded IV Catheters with Blood Control Technology - Winged - 200/cs

BD Insyte™ Autoguard™ BC Shielded IV Winged Catheters with Blood Control Technology combines a great number of unique technological advancements intended to enhance efficiency, safety and precision. The System does not only deliver a dependable solution for venipuncture to healthcare professionals, but helps to realize enhanced patient care and significant cost reduction.

Autoguard™ Technology
Insyte™ IV Catheters feature a push-button needle shielding technology that efficiently lowers the risks of needle stick injuries by 95%. Now the needle removal procedure can be facilitated in a safe and stress-free way by simply pressing the activation button and having the needle retract fast and smoothly with a help of a spring mechanism.

Instaflash Needle Technology
Insyte™ Catheters from BD feature a unique Instaflash needle technology that is proven to enhance the proficiency of needle insertion even in cases with difficult, small and compromised veins by providing a visual assessment of vessel entry. The Catheter needle cannula is assembled with a small notch that facilitates an immediate flashback at the point of vessel entry allowing to act confidently and precisely. This feature dramatically reduces the cases of painful hit-and-miss insertions.

Vialon™ Biomaterial
BD Vialon™ Biomaterial technology results in an exceptional catheter performance and durability. Advanced catheter materials are proven to extend the unit dwell time, provide a greater kink resistance and reduce the risks of mechanical phlebitis. Importantly, the catheter softens in the vein up to 70%, increasing patient comfort throughout the treatment process.

Blood Control Technology
Insyte™ Series Catheters feature an incorporated blood control technology that efficiently reduces the risks of blood spillages with the help of a built-in blood control septum. 95% less risks of exposure to blood mean enhanced safety for clinicians. No blood spillages means no need of stopping and cleaning the blood, and no extra cost of cleaning supplies.

Select Your BD Winged Insyte™ Autoguard™ BC Shielded IV Catheters with Blood Control Technology

Insyte™ IV Catheters are available in a great variety of sizes. For all options, please see below:

  • 382612 - 24 G X 0.75", Yellow
  • 382623 - 22 G X 1.00", Blue
  • 382633 - 20 G X 1.00", Pink
  • 382634 - 20 G X 1.16", Pink
  • 382637 - 20 G X 1.88", Pink
  • 382644 - 18 G X 1.16", Green
  • 382647 - 18 G X 1.88", Green
  • 382654 - 16 G X 1.16", Gray
  • 382657 - 16 G X 1.77", Gray

To purchase your customized Insyte™ IV Catheter, please go to the drop down menu above and complete your online order in a few easy steps.