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Beckman Coulter 6605768 HmX Auto-Loader Hematology Analyzer *DISCONTINUED*

By Beckman Coulter | Mfr#: 6605768 | Tiger#: TM71213


  • Advanced VCS technology and 5-part differential guarantees accurate, precise results
  • Auto-loading allows for walk-away operation, leaving technicians with more time to focus on abnormal results
  • Comprehensive data management system includes PC, monitor and printer, and barcode reader
  • High throughput, small sample size and universal cassettes ensure all samples can be tested
  • Closed-vial sampling increases operator safety by reducing exposure to potential biohazards
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Overview for Beckman Coulter 6605768 HmX Auto-Loader Hematology Analyzer

The HmX Hematology Analyzer offers highly sophisticated three-dimensional technology, helping mid-volume laboratories increase efficiency and productivity. It combines Beckman Coulter's reputation for outstanding performance and reliability with cutting-edge technology to guarantee dependable accuracy, every time.

VCS technology for impressive accuracy: HmX offers 5-part differential and simple and fast screening for morphological white cell abnormalities. It features powerful, proprietary, state-of-the-art VCS (Volume, Conductivity and Scatter) technology to offer the most sensitive, specific and efficient white cell differential and reticulocyte analysis system available. A combination of patented reagents and physical agitation are used to properly prepare samples for analysis: red blood cells undergo gentle lysis and white blood cells remain close to their native state. This technology uses volumetric compensation to accurately replace electrical conductivity signals and light scatter patterns that are warped due to cell size, and measures the volume that a cell displaces an isotonic diluent. This means measurements (even of similarly-sized cells) are determined solely by internal structure and composition, allowing the device to calculate nuclear:cytoplasmic ratios. Measuring differences in light scatter signals allows the instrument to accurately separate mixed cells into distinct clusters, while enhancing the divide between non-granular cell types. Advanced software analyzes the clusters for quantity, position and density, and comprehensively reports the sample breakdown. VCS is the only type of analysis that uses three independent energy sources (DC impedance, radio frequency circuits and laser beams) to probe cells in a near-native state, providing superior analysis.

Automated efficiency: HmX features sample auto-loading, which allows for walk-away operation. It also has fully automated quality control and calibration platforms, which both reduce the instrument's maintenance requirements and leaves technicians with more time available to work on abnormal results.

Comprehensive data management: The HmX analyzer kit includes a PC tower, 15" Samsung monitor and printer for easy data management and report printing. It has 20 control files, each of which stores 100 runs, allowing for easy access to previous sets of data. Additionally, Interlaboratory Quality Assurance Program (IQAB) complements onboard QC to increase confidence and reliability, and there are user-definable limits and flagging for immediate return of abnormal results.

Impressive productivity: HmX has been designed to boost productivity and efficiency in busy mid-volume hematology labs, while providing exceptional accuracy and performance. Patented VCS technology offers automated differential analysis and semi-automated reticulocyte counts, and delivers consistent reliability. The device uses universal cassettes which process a range of differently-sized tubes, eliminating tube sorting and further increasing efficiency: it can perform complete analysis on a small (50μL) sample size, allowing all samples - even micro-collections - to be used. Its high 75 samples/hour throughput guarantees rapid turnaround and high productivity.

User-friendly: The HmX analyzer has highly advanced software features, which provide automated test review and allow for easy test and result management. One-touch start-up and shut down ensures that using the analyzer is fast and easy, and maximizes uptime for heightened efficiency. The inbuilt barcode reader scans patient IDs as the point of aspiration, providing fail-safe data management and removing the risk of manual entry errors. HmX uses closed-vial sampling for a range of tube sizes, providing a safer testing environment for operators by decreasing their exposure to potential biohazards. There are zero routine maintenance requirements, which helps to save time and minimize cost of ownership.

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