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Symmetry Surgical / Bovie AA03X High-Temperature Battery-Operated Cautery

By Symmetry Surgical / Bovie | Mfr#: AA03X | Tiger#: TM77563
  • High-Temperature Battery-Operated Cautery BOVAA21X-
  • BOVAA21X- High-Temperature Battery-Operated Cautery - Loop Tip
  • BOVAA21X-High-Temperature Battery-Operated Cautery - Loop Tip with shaft
  • BOVAA21X- High-Temperature Battery-Operated Cautery - Elongated Tip


  • Recessed Button for Enhanced Safety 
  • Snap-Off Style End for Easy Battery Removal 
  • Variety of Tip Styles and Temperature Capacity
  • Product Options
Ships Out Within: 2 - 4 Business Days

Overview for Symmetry Surgical / Bovie AA03X High-Temperature Battery-Operated Cautery

Bovie High-Temperature Battery-Operated Cautery is a one of a kind appliance on the modern market that combines years of experience and most innovative electrosurgical technologies. The High-Temperature Cauteries are successfully applied in a great number of various procedures, including but not limited to pinpoint hemostasis, controlling diffuse bleeders, relief of subungual hematoma, vasectomies and many others.

World's Best Design
Bovie engineers never stop working on the improvement of their design to provide even better comfort of the usage and enhanced safety. As a result, a new, safety-improved Cautery design offers a recessed button that promotes full control over unit activation and serves to reduce the potential for inadvertent activation. The snap-off style of the Cautery end allows the caregiver to easily and safely remove the battery. This feature helps facilitate a proper disposal of the appliance, eliminating any associated injuries or failures.

Customize your Bovie High-Temperature Battery-Operated Cautery

Bovie High-Temperature Cuteries are available with a variety of tip styles and temperature capacity to serve practitioners across the variety of different applications. Please, review the available options:

  • AA21X - elongated tip, 1800 F 
  • AA05X - loop tip w/extended 2" shaft, 2200 F
  • AA01X - fine tip, 2200 F
  • AA03X - loop tip, 2200 F

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