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Welch Allyn Green 777 Integrated Wall Diagnostic System

By Welch Allyn | Mfr#: | Tiger#: TM20754


  • Includes: Wall Transformer, Kleenspec® Dispenser and Mounting Board
  • Available Options: Ophthalmoscope, Otoscope, Thermometer, BP Option, Wallboard and Spot Vital Signs Monitor Mounting Bracket
  • Allows for reliable diagnostic patient data in a standardized and energy efficient solution to improve your bottom line
  • Compatible with Connex and Connex EMR Spot Vital Sign Monitors
  • Green Series  encourages environmentally friendly practice
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Overview for Welch Allyn Green 777 Integrated Wall Diagnostic System

Welch Allyn Green Series 777 Integrated Wall Systems are designed to put all the tools needed for fast examination and accurate diagnosis within arm's reach, incorporating all the vital diagnostic tools required and improving work processes. For one exam room or for a whole facility, the easy-to-install GS 777 Modular Wall System offers essential otoscopes, ophthalmoscopes, thermometry, pulse, and even vital signs gadgets. Upgrade to this wall system and guarantee your facility gets reliable diagnostic patient data in a trusted, consistent, and productive manner.

The Green Series: Following the massively popular 767 series, the 777 Green Series aims to lower waste and costs by being more energy efficient. The instruments feature LED lamps and automated handles, helping to save energy and money.

SureColor Technology: The LED lamps available with some tools in this system feature Welch Allyn's patented SureColor™ technology, which provides consistent color output while light intensity is lowered to improve the view or increase patient comfort. It allows the color of the light to remain the same even as the light intensity is dimmed.

Available Options

  1. Ophthalmoscope: Coaxial, Coaxial LED lamp, PanOptic, PanOptic with Cobalt Filter and Corneal Viewing Lens, PanOptic with Cobalt Filter and Corneal Viewing Lens LED
  2. Otoscope: Macroview, Macroview LED, Macroview™ with Throat Illuminator, Pneumatic
  3. Blood Pressure: 767-Series Wall Aneroid, or Connex ProBP 3400 Digital Blood Pressure Device with SureBP
  4. Thermometer: SureTemp® Plus
  5. Mounting Bracket for Spot Vital Signs or Spot Lxi Vital Signs (sold separately)

Standard Features

KleenSpec Dispenser (Included Standard)

This specula dispenser comes ready-loaded with 34 adult and 34 pediatric specula (numbers 52434 and 52432), and is an ideal way to keep a range of differently sized specula on hand. It attaches to the wall system, allowing disposable specula covers to be stored next to diagnostic tools and helping save time and space.


Wall Transformer (Included Standard)

The transformer in these wall systems is designed for exceptional performance. The handles feature rheostats which allow for quick adjustments of light intensity, and are comfortable and contoured for easy use. The cradle features OptiSense, an optical sensor that activates the handles' lamps on removal. LED lamps provide bright white, clean light, and together with the OptiSense system, make this system for effective and environmentally friendly. The transformer includes modular coiled cords and an eight foot power cable, which allows for unrestricted installation.


Wall Board (Included Standard)

Each set comes with a durable, pre-drilled wallboard which is easy to install and helps prevent breakage, loss or theft of diagnostic tools.


Customize Your 777 Green Series Integrated Wall System

Otoscope Options

MacroView Otoscope

The MacroView Otoscope 23810 gives almost 30% higher magnification compared to standard otoscopes, allowing for dramatically improved visuals of the auditory canal and tympanic membrane. It utilizes fiber optic technology for unheated light and unobstucted, non-reflective examination. This otoscope features a focusing wheel for variable ear canal lengths and a tip grip for secure fastening and easy release of specula. This otoscope is available with a choice of standard halogen or advanced LED lighting.

MacroView Otoscope with Throat Illuminator

This Otoscope 23820 is a two-in-one tool, combining the high-quality features of the MacroView otoscope (see above) with the functions of a throat illuminator. This duality expands the practitioner's diagnostic capabilities, while further streamlining the examination process and saving both storage space and time.




Pneumatic Otoscope

The Pneumatic Otoscope 20200 utilizes a Halogen HPX lamp for 30% brighter, whiter light, which facilitates consistent true-color visuals of inner ear tissue. Fiber optic technology is used to provide long-lasting, cool illumination for maximum accuracy and comfort. This tool features a rotating lens with ultraseal for easy pneumatic otoscopy, and has two viewing lenses for dual observation of the tympanic membrane.


Ophthalmoscope Options

Coaxial Ophthalmoscope

This Ophthalmoscope 11720 utilizes a patented coaxial system, where the axes of illumination and retinal vision are aligned to eliminate shadows and reflections for clear, precise examination of differently-sized pupils, vitreous disorders, fundus and interior anatomy. This versatile instrument features 28 lenses with a range of -25 - +40 diopters, and 18 possible apertures. It has an illuminated dial lens and a brow rest for hassle-free, safe use, and has a light beam which can be used to examine the inner ocular structures with impressive detail. This ophthalmoscope is available with a choice of standard halogen or advanced LED lamps.

PanOptic Ophthalmoscope

The PanOptic ophthalmoscope 11810 is a revolutionary diagnostic tool that makes the inner eye and its functions completely accesible. It allows practitioners to observe hypertension, diabetic retinopathy and papilledema, amongst other conditions. It offers a 25º field of view and 5x more magnified view of the fundus, and utilizes a patented Glare Extinguishing System to further optimize the tool's impressive visual capacity.

PanOptic Ophthalmoscope with Cobalt Filter and Corneal Viewing Lens

This Ophthalmoscope  11820 has all the impressive features of the standard PanOptic ophthalmoscope, with an added cobalt-blue filter and corneal viewing lens for detecting abrasions and damage to the cornea. It is available with a choice of standard halogen or advanced LED lighting.



SureTemp Plus 690 Electronic Thermometer

This thermometer 01690-300 features removable, interchangeable oral/axillary and rectal probes, and includes a removable probe well which reduces the risk of cross-contamination between patients. It is highly accurate and takes reliable readings in a matter of seconds - 4-to-6 second oral readings, 10-to-13 second rectal and pediatric axillary readings and 12-to-15 second adult axillary readings. The large LCD screen displays temperature values in both Farenheit and Celcius, and the device features a last temperature recall button and includes storage space for 25 probe covers. Designed for cost-effective use, this thermometer takes approximately 6,000 readings on a single set of 3 x AA batteries.

Blood Pressure Options

767 Wall Aneroid

This Aneroid 7670-01 is accurate to within 1% of scale (±3mmHg) and features a laser-engraved dial for precise calibration offering dependable accuracy with every reading. It has a large dial face and brightly colored pointer for easy reading, and 40° swivel for clear viewing at all angles. This aneroid also comes with a built-in basket for secure storage of the inflation system. 

Connex ProBP 3400 Portable Digital Blood Pressure Device with SureBP

The Connex ProBP 3400 BP device with SureBP comes connectivity-ready, allowing you to integrate it with the electronic health records system you have. It works with a very broad range of cuff sizes, minimizing the potential for inaccurate readings on patients large and small. It captures accurate readings in only 15 seconds. It is easily portable and conveniently affordable.

Vital Signs Monitor Options

The 777 Green Series Integrated Wall System can be configured to include mounting space for one of the following patient vital sign monitors. Please note that these devices must be ordered separately.

Connex Vitals Signs Monitor

The Connex Continuous Vital Signs Monitor is designed specifically to provide healthcare providers immediate access to accurate patient vitals data anywhere, anytime. This dual-function Monitor allows for spot-check, intervals and continuous monitoring of adult, pediatric and neonatal patients. Revolutionary functional versatility leads to a significant expansion of the scope of application from procedure and general exam environments to surgical floor and alternate care environments. The modular and configurable design of the Connex® EVD System allows for seamless future parameter/sensor upgrades.

Connex EMR Spot Vital Signs Monitor

The Connex Spot Monitor is designed to simplify and expedite procedures while providing accurate vital signs measurements. This monitor includes a NIBP module with BP averaging, and offers thermometry and pulse oximetry. The easy to use touchscreen displays spot checking, interval monitoring, and custom scoring across patient population. The Connex Monitor is designed for adults, pediatrics, and neonatal use. It connects wirelessly to the EMR and instantly sends vitals to the patient chart from the point of care for improved efficiency. A Connex Scoring App on-device calculator allows the upload of up to three protocols the facility uses such as NEWS, MEWS or other calculations. The monitor displays the facilities recommendations based on the patient scoring results to assist clinicians to make informed care decisions quickly.

Mounting Bracket for Connex Continuous or Connex EMR Spot Lxi Vital Signs (Vital Signs Monitor sold separately)

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Available Options

Item No


77792-MNOBPCoaxial + MacroView
77792-MCoaxial + MacroView with Aneroid BP
77794-MLXICoaxial + MacroView with MountingBracket for LXiMonitor
77794-MSPOTCoaxial + MacroView with MountingBracket for SpotMonitor
77791-MXNOBPCoaxial + MacroView + SureTemp+
77791-MXCoaxial + MacroView + SureTemp+ with Aneroid BP
77791-MXPROBPCoaxial + MacroView + SureTemp+ with Digital SureBP
77796-MCoaxial + MacroView w/Throat Illuminator with Aneroid BP
77795-MXCoaxial + MacroView w/Throat Illuminator SureTemp+ with Aneroid BP
77798Coaxial + Pneumatic with Aneroid BP
77797-XCoaxial + Pneumatic SureTemp+ with Aneroid BP
77792-2MPPanOptic Cobalt BlueFilter+Corneal + MacroView with Aneroid BP
77794-2MPLXIPanOptic Cobalt BlueFilter+Corneal + MacroView with MountingBracket for LXiMonitor
77794-2MPSPOTPanOptic Cobalt BlueFilter+Corneal + MacroView with MountingBracket for SpotMonitor
77791-2MPXPanOptic Cobalt BlueFilter+Corneal + MacroView SureTemp+ with Aneroid BP
77791-2MPXPROBPPanOptic Cobalt BlueFilter+Corneal + MacroView SureTemp+ with Digital SureBP
77795-2MPXPanOptic Cobalt BlueFilter+Corneal + MacroView w/Throat Illuminator SureTemp+ with Aneroid BP
77797-2PXPanOptic Cobalt BlueFilter+Corneal + Pneumatic + SureTemp+ with Aneroid BP
77792-1MPPanOptic + MacroView with Aneroid BP
77791-1MPXPanOptic + MacroView + SureTemp+ with Aneroid BP
77794-MCSM Coaxial + MacroView + Mounting Bracket for Connex SpotMonitor Device
77794-2MCSM PanOptic Cobalt Blue Filter + Corneal + MacroView + Mounting Bracket for Connex SpotMonitor Device


Made in the USA