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Bovie CRY8 Freezpoint™ Cryosurgical Device - 8 mL or 16 mL *DISCONTINUED*

By Bovie | Mfr#: CRY8 | Tiger#: TM82795
Freezpoint™ Cryosurgical Device BOVCRY8-
  • Freezpoint™ Cryosurgical Device BOVCRY8-
  • BOVCRY8- Freezpoint™ Cryosurgical Device - 8 gram
  • BOVCRY8- Freezpoint™ Cryosurgical Device - 16 gram
  • BOVCRY8- Freezpoint™ Cryosurgical Device - 16 gram (2 packs)


  • Colder Temperature of -89 Degrees 
  • Slip Tip Design for Clear Visualization
  • 3 to 20 Seconds Treatment Time 
  • Convenient Activation Know and One-Button Operation 
  • Volume Options Available 


  • Product Options
Availability:Out Of Stock
Ships Out Within: Discontinued
Tiger Medical no longer carries this item
This product is only allowed to a Medical Professional

Overview for Bovie CRY8 Freezpoint™ Cryosurgical Device - 8 mL or 16 mL

Bovie Freezpoint™ Cryosurgical Device is designed as a cost-saving and effective solution for the treatment of simple skin lesions. Smart construction and advanced characteristics result in a colder, easier and safer multi-use disposable device.

Distinctive Features
Bovie Freezpoint™ appears to be a miniature device that delivers a great number of benefits both to a practitioner and a patient. The non-flammable, nitrous oxide provides -89 degrees temperature that is 27% to 62% colder than common multi-use disposable systems. Due to the slim tip design Freezpoint™ is truly easy to handle as it allows for a clear visualization of the lesion and reduced tissue damage to surrounding healthy skin. Smart design incorporates an activation knob for easy device set-up. A green dot indicator position shows that the Freezpoint™ is ready for use. With a push of one button the device with spray the lesion with a stream of liquid nitrous oxide, working effectively on the area of tissue that requires treatment.

Freezpoint™ is a simple to master Cryosurgical Device that works effectively though a broad range of applications. It is intended for the treatment of such benign skin problems as skin tags, verruca vulgaris and verruca plantaris, molluscum contagiosum, lentigo, actinic keratosis, verruca plana, seborrheic keratosis and genital lesions. Depending on the type of lesion, the required treatment time may range from as little as 3 seconds to 20 seconds maximum. Due to the great device efficiency and little treatment time the cost of a single procedure drops dramatically.

Customize Your Bovie Freezpoint™ Cryosurgical Device

Bovie offers three Freezpoint™ configurations featuring different package volume. For all purchase options, please see below:

  • CRY8 - 8 gram Device
  • CRY16 - 16 gram Device
  • CRY16-2 - 16 gram Device (2 per pack)

To purchase your customized Freezpoint™ Device, please go to the drop down menu above and complete your online order in a few easy steps.