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NDD 3000-00 EasyOne Pro Portable Single Breath DLCO Spirometry & Lung Volume Test *DISCONTINUED*

By NDD | Mfr#: 3000-00 | Tiger#: TM87697
  • EasyOne Pro® Portable Single Breath DLCO System NDD3000-00-
  • NDD3000-00- EasyOne Pro® Portable Single Breath DLCO System - Side View
  • NDD3000-00- EasyOne Pro® Portable Single Breath DLCO System - With Cart


  • Includes DLCO, Spirometry & Lung Volume Testing
  • Calibration-Free TrueFlow & EasyCO with Automatic Calibration 
  • Color, High-Resolution LCD Touch Screen
  • Automatic ATS/ERS Interpretations 
  • Compact, No Warm-Up Time, Easy Assembly
  • Product Options
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Overview for NDD 3000-00 EasyOne Pro Portable Single Breath DLCO Spirometry & Lung Volume Test

NDD EasyOne Pro® Portable Single Breath DLCO System is an extremely mobile, versatile and efficient solution for DLCO, spirometry and lung volume testing at patient’s bedside or any point of care scene. The System embodies a perfect combination of a revolutionary design and most advanced technologies that facilitates a comprehensive lung function testing within less than 30 minutes and delivers a superb flexibility to both specialists and patients.

Extended Functionality
The EasyOne Pro® System delivers a revolutionary approach to the lung function testing by comprising DLCO, spirometry and lung volume testing capability in one portable unit. DLCO test is proven to be a highly effective tool for helping differentiate between Asthma and COPD, as well as distinguish pulmonary from cardiac issues and emphysema from chronic bronchitis. In a combination with spirometry and lung volume functions, DLCO allows for a fast, accurate diagnosis and treatment. The DLCO testing adds only 5 minutes to the spirometry and lung volume testing time resulting in the acquisition of accurate measurement results within just 25 to 30 minutes. The comprehensive functionality and high speed result in enhanced patient care and double reimbursement. The EasyOne Pro® Device features an auto interpretation function (ATS/ERS) for a fast result calculation via interpretation decision tree.

Revolutionary TrueFlow Technology
The EasyOne Pro® Spirometer has been designed with the implementation of a most advanced TrueFlow ultrasound technology which performance overrides all the available traditional methods of flow measurement. This ultrasound technology mechanism is based on the assessment of the sound pulse traveling time between the two transducers. The transit-time of each sound pulse is precisely measured with a digital clock. The gas flow is then calculated based on the measured upstream and downstream transit-times. This way the flow measurements are independent of gas composition, pressure, temperature, and humidity thus eliminating errors due to these variables. The TrueFlow technology eliminates moving parts in the Spirometer construction, does not require codes entry or screens to catch sputum and does not include any disposables that might require calibration. As a result, TrueFlow technology delivers a matchless gain to the end user.

Ease of Operation
A truly though-through unit design brings the benefits of a calibration-free, three-piece construction with no add-ons required. The three System components that include main unit, patient interface and DLCO gas bottle are very easy to connect, totally interchangeable and replaceable. The EasyOne Pro® does not imply any service contracts and allows for easy software upgrades. The Deivice features a large, high-resolution color touch screen that provides a wide view angle for added operation convenience. To help maintain excellent hygiene the screen is optimized for the use with gloves and comprises a disinfectant friendly surface.

Excellent Mobility
The System is intended as totally portable solution and therefore features a light weight (less than 17 lbs) construction with a small foot print of just 13.4" x 9.84" size. The System design allows for the quick disconnection and reconnection with no warm-up time at a new location. It provides an automatic system calibration for DLCO test and does not require any calibration for spirometry trsts via TrueFlow.

Advanced Connectivity
In order to provide extra flexibility for data transfer process, this System features two RS 232 ports, 2 USB ports and 2 Ethernet ports. It not only allows for a fast and efficient data export, but provides extended EMR capabilities. When used with the FLASH memory card the system realizes 100% of configuration and patient data backup allowing for the instant system restore after service or main unit replacement without any set up work.

Select Your NDD EasyOne Pro® Portable Single Breath DLCO System

For extra flexibility NDD offers two System complectation options. For detailed information, please see below:

  • 3000-00 - Standard Complectation Includes: DLCO Valve, Flow Sensor, Gas Supply Tube, One-Way Valve, Pressure Tube, Temperature/Humidity Sensor, Touch Stylus & 2 Year Warranty
  • 3000-10 - All Inclusive Complectation Includes: Standard Accessories, Portable Cart, Color Inkjet Printer, 2 Boxes of 50 Spirettes, 2 Boxes of 50 Barriettes, 3 Year Warranty 

To purchase EasyOne Pro® DLCO System of your choice, please go to the drop down menu above and complete your online order in a few easy steps.