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Covidien 353U5908 DAR™ Adult-Pediatric Foam HME with Integrated Catheter Mount

By Covidien | Mfr#: 353U5908 | Tiger#: TM107480
Authorized Dealer
DAR™ Adult-Pediatric Foam HME with Integrated Catheter Mount COV353U5908


  • Low airflow resistance
  • Extendable connector that simplifies setup
  • Hygroscopic HME that traps moisture and reduces heat loss
  • Moisture output greater than 30 mg
  • Supplied clean on individual packaging
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Overview for Covidien 353U5908 DAR™ Adult-Pediatric Foam HME with Integrated Catheter Mount

Medtronic is proud to manufacture the best items for respiratory care. The DAR™ Adult/Pediatric Foam HME (with an Integrated Catheter Mount) traps the patient's moisture and reduces heat loss. This device works via a hygroscopic HME media that has very low airflow resistance and a moisture output that's greater than 30 mg H2O/L (ISO 9360, Vt 500 ml). You also have the benefit of an integral extendable connector that simplifies HME setup, and ISO standard 15 mm and 22 mm fittings.

Usage Indications

These HME device is supplied clean and individually packaged for your convenience. They are meant for single patient use on anesthetized patients, as well as respiratory care patients that require a breathing circuit.

This product is intended to be replaced at least once every 24 hours.

HME Specifications

Size: Vt 200 - 1000 ml

Connection: ISO 15F/15M

Measure output temperature at 2 hours, 15 breaths/minute (ISO 9360):

Vt 250 ml - 20.5 mg H2O/L at 30.0oC
Vt 500 ml - 31 mg H2O/L at 30.0oC
Vt 750 ml - 29.7 mg H2O/L at 30.0oC
Vt 1000 ml - 29.6 mg H2O/L at 30.0oC

Resistance to flow (ISO 9360):

At 30 L/min     0.5 cm H2O
At 60 L/min     1.1 cm H2O
At 90 L/min     2.0 cm H2O

Dead space (connectors included - ISO 9360): 60 ml (compressed) 75 ml (extended)

Weight: 12 g