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Covidien / Medtronic 352U5877 DAR Adult-Pediatric Electrostatic Filter HME

By Covidien / Medtronic | Mfr#: 352U5877 | Tiger#: TM107137


  • Combined Filter and HME for better performance
  • Provides effective airway humidification
  • Low resistance to airflow
  • Moisture control reduces risk of colonization
  • Convenient small and large sizes
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Overview for Covidien / Medtronic 352U5877 DAR Adult-Pediatric Electrostatic Filter HME

The combined performance of Covidien's high-quality DAR™ Electrostatic Filter and an HME reduces set up time, dead space and weight on endotracheal tubes, creating a more efficient respiratory circuit. DAR Electrostatic Filters work via a hygroscopic membrane that traps moisture and provides ample humidification. They are supplied in individual, sterile packages for convenience and reliability. You can choose between two sizes, Small and Large. Click on the dropdown to the top right of the page.

Premium Features and Benefits from Electrostatic DAR™ Filters

Low resistance to airflow and effective moisture control make these filters a top choice in respiratory accessories. They help reduce the risk of colonization in breathing tubes, as well as sampling line blockage. They also include an end tidal CO2 sampling port that offers convenient access to airway gases.

Bacterial filtration efficiency: >99.99%

Viral filtration efficiency: >99.99%

Connections: ISO 22M/15F - 22F/15M


Single-patient use. For adult and pediatric anesthetized patients as well as respiratory care patients that require a breathing circuit.

The filter needs to be replaced at least once every 24 hours.

Filter Specifications

Filter ModelFilter SizeRecommended Tidal VolumeMoisture output and temperature at 2 hours (ISO9360)Resistance to flow (ISO 9360)Dead space (with connectors ISO 9360)Weight
SmallVT 150 ml - 1200 ml>150 mlVt 250 ml: 34.4 mg H2O/L at 32.5oC
Vt 500 ml: 33.6 mg H2O/L at 32.3oC
Vt 750 ml: 30.1 mg H2O/L at 30.6oC
Vt 1000 ml: 32.9 mg H2O/L at 32.2oC
30 L/min: 1.0 cm H2O
60 L/min: 2.8 cm H2O
90 L/min: 4.7 cm H2O
51 ml28 grams
LargeVT 300 ml - 1500 ml>300 mlVt 250 ml: 33.9 mg H2O/L at 32oC
Vt 500 ml: 33.3 mg H2O/L at 32oC
Vt 1000 ml: 32.4 mg H2O/L at 32oC
30 L/min: 0.9 cm H2O
60 L/min: 2.1 cm H2O
90 L/min: 3.6 cm H2O
90 ml50 grams