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Medschenker MKSK-00049_x100 CavSwab Mid-Turbinate Specimen Collection Swab - 100/Cs [AC3100-B]

By Medschenker | Mfr#: MKSK-00049_x100 | Tiger#: TM110816
  • CavSwab Mid-Turbinate Specimen Collection Swab - 100/Cs MDSAC3100-B
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  • Pink


  • Shelf-life of 36 months
  • Marked nylon shaft for uncomplicated identification of required depth
  • Removable bear-shaped stopper to distract young patients
  • Precision scalloped surface for a greater surface area 
  • Allium flock technology - nylon fibers adapt to swab's movement 
  • Notched shaft increases grip and dexterity 
  • Ensures 100% sterility; electron beam sterilized
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Ships Out Within: 2 - 4 Business Days
Ships Out Within: 2 - 4 Business Days
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Overview for Medschenker MKSK-00049_x100 CavSwab Mid-Turbinate Specimen Collection Swab - 100/Cs [AC3100-B]

The Medschenker CavSwab Mid-Turbinate Specimen Collection Swab is an FDA-approved sterile sample collection tool designed for pediatric use. It has been engineered to provide a faster and more comfortable testing procedure for both the medical professional as well as the younger patient. A larger sample can be collected in an instant with the help of this swab.

Well-Designed: The mid-turbinate nasal swab has an exceptional design in solid pink or blue color to best serve its purpose. The removable stopper has an interesting face i.e. the face of a bear to distract younger patients and put them at ease.

Easy & Large Sample Collection: This purpose-built swab helps in the uncomplicated identification of the required depth for collecting the specimen. The scalloped nylon fibers create a cavum or cavity to increase the surface area. Furthermore, the notched shaft increases the grip and dexterity and decreases the amount of stress on the practitioner simultaneously.

High Sterility: The swab is made to be highly sterile. Passed through the process of electron beam sterilization and being wrapped in individual pouches ensure 100% microbial invasions in the sample. Thus, providing a long-time secured storage solution to the professionals.

Allium Flock Technology: The exclusively designed Cavswab involves the use of allium flock technology. This means that the nylon fibers adapt themselves to the direction in which the swab is being pushed or pulled. Thus, providing lesser friction.

Good Elution: The swab stick does not trap the specimen like many other traditional swabs. It allows free movement, ensuring their availability for testing. The fine structure allows for quick sample uptake and elution of almost 90% of the sample.

Comfortable Insertion: This professionally designed swab is developed out of collaboration with physicians and microbiologists. The bear clip ensures comfortable testing by eliminating the need for the practitioner to manually measure the distance between the child’s nose and nasopharynx.

Additionally, the perfect bend shaft prevents any kind of additional irritation or pain on the patient.

Product choices:

Marked with age-recommended stop points, this swab is a true rescuer for young patients and medical staff. It comes with variations in colors to gain the attention of kids and to keep them distracted.

  • AC3100-P: Specimen Collection Swab (Pink)
  • AC3100-B: Specimen Collection Swab (Blue)

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