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Schiller 9.040100 Cardiovit AT-104 PC Ergospiro Diagnostic Workstation *DISCONTINUED*

By Schiller | Mfr#: 9.040100 | Tiger#: TM77519


  • Double Screen System
  • Maintenance Free Micro Fuel Cell for O2 Measurement 
  • Nutrition: Indirect Calorimetry
  • Measurement: Spirometry and MVV Measurement
  • Quick & Accurate Patient Analysis
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Overview for Schiller 9.040100 Cardiovit AT-104 PC Ergospiro Diagnostic Workstation

The Schiller Cardiovit AT-104 PC Ergospiro Diagnostic Workstation is ideal for Cardiopulmonary Testing. The Cardiovit AT-104 in Conjunction with the Power Cube Gas Analysis Unit, provides High-Performance Ergo-Spiro Analysis. The Diagnostic Workstation brings together All Major Cardiopulmonary Functions into One Superior Device. The Cardiovit AT-104 is a Unique Double Screen System. It has One Screen for Cardiology and the other Displays Pneumology; Both Screens are Touch Screen. The Workstation has a Maintenance Free Micro Fuel Cell for O2 Measurement. It Measures Indirect Calorimetry, Spirometry, and MVV. The Workstation’s Easy User Interface makes switching between Diagrams easy and gives you access to Graphs and Results Presented in the method of your choosing.

LF8 Software-

The LF8 Software Features Several Parameters. These Parameters are Spirometry, Flow/Volume, Ergospirometry, and Flow/Volume during Exercise (Intrabreath).


The Cardiovit AT-104’s Ergospirometry Platform Enables Accurate and Reliable Cardiopulmonary Diagnosis in the Case of Cardiac Failure. This is Key for the Evaluation of Surgical Interventions or Ventilatory Impairment. The At-104’s Ergospirometry Measurements are not affected by Vapor, Saliva, or Vibrations; providing the most Accurate Measurements Possible. The Flow Sensor is therefore, Drift Free and not sensitive to humidity. The Sensor is Suitable for use with Children, Adults, Ill-Patients, or High Performance Athletes making it Functional for Any Type of Patient. The Flow Sensor can be used with a Mask or a Mouthpiece due to its Light Construction.

Power Cube Gas Analyzer-

The Cardiovit AT-104 features the Power Cube Gas Analyzer. Schiller’s Gas Analyzers Provide Accurate Values even at High Flow Rates. The Gas Analyses has Quick Rise Time and High Sampling Frequency which are the best Prerequisites for “Breath-by-Breath” Measurements.  The Cardiovit AT-104 has Two-Point Gas Calibration with Economical Gas Consumption. It not only Calibrates the Analyzers it also Calibrates the Entire Gas Leading System.


Proper Analysis of Test Results is Key to making Proper Diagnosis and the Treatment of Patients. Therefore, the Cardiovit AT-104 Workstation has many Softwares and Measurement Methods to Assist in Quick and Accurate Analysis of the Patient’s Health.

Anaerobic Threshold: The Analysis Focuses of the Determination of the Anaerobic Threshold (AT). Various Methods are available to help analyze this including V-Slope, Ventilatory Equivalent, RER=1, and CO2 Excess. The AT Measurements are displayed and therefore serve as Plausibility Check. Thanks to the Ability to Re-Open a Saved Measurement, the Analysis can be Performed Directly after the Measurement and Returned to for Further Analysis.

Calorimetry: Energy Expenditure is Calculated based on the Values for VCO2, VO2, and Urea Nitrogen. The Determination of the Resting Metabolic Rate and the Exercise-Dependent Energy Expenditure, and the Differentiating between Carbohydrates, Fats, and Proteins is Required to Optimally Control Training and Efficiently Reduce Weight.

Ergo-Check: Maximum Load is an Important Factor for the Analysis and Comparison of Methods. ErgoCheck Software conducts a Plausibility Check at the Touch of a Button. ErgoCheck also offers the possibility to Determine the Ventilatory Threshold by Combining Different Threshold Models.  

Intrabreath: Measurement During Exercise- Patients that Display a Significantly Smaller Flow-Volume Curve can only Cope with a Much Lower Lead. The Intrabreath Program Superimposes Recorded Flow-Volume Curves and Flow-Volume Curves Obtained during Recovery. The Intrabreath Graph Provides Information on any Limitations or Over-Inflation during Measurement. EELV and IC are Determined Accurately.

LFSport: LFSport Software is the Ideal Supplement to LF8 Ergospirometry. This optional Software combines Ergospirometry Analysis with Lactate Diagnostics and Training Schedules. This is the Ideal Tool for Performance Diagnostics.

Networking Options: The SEMA-200 Database offers Numerous Networking Options. SEMA-200 offers a Central Database on a Single Server for use with all Schiller Systems. Patient Data therefore only needs to be Entered Once for Use on Any Schiller System in Your Database. You can then Select to View Reports, Printouts, or Edit the Measurement.