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Welch Allyn ABPM-6100 CardioPerfect Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor *DISCONTINUED*

By Welch Allyn | Mfr#: ABPM-6100 | Tiger#: TM22345


  • Compact, lightweight, portable recorder with one-button operation
  • Effective in white-coat hypertension and related conditions
  • Features oscillometric technology
  • Latex-free, machine washable cuffs with dynamic inflation
  • Optional CardioPerfect™ Workstation software 
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Overview for Welch Allyn ABPM-6100 CardioPerfect Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor

Blood pressure monitoring can be a stressful procedure for many, at times resulting in a phenomenon known as "white coat hypertension." Welch Allyn's CardioPerfect™ Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor provides a solution to this condition by monitoring patients for 24 hours as they go along with their normal daily routines, in the comfort of their own homes and familiar places, without the pressure often experience in a doctor's office. It takes constant, accurate readings throughout the entire time period, including sleep readings, which simplifies diagnoses of cardiopulmonary conditions and customization of appropriate drug and/or therapy regimes. Its included accessories make monitoring comfortable and simple, and its optional CardioPerfect™ Workstation software efficiently analyzes readings for immediate review.

In addition to white coat hypertension, ambulatory blood pressure monitoring is recommended for use in cases of labile hypertension, resistant hypertension, hypotensive episodes, and postural hypotension, as well as other related conditions. It can detect several blood pressure patterns that are impossible to detect with inpatient or even home blood pressure monitoring, such as true or mean blood pressure, diurnal blood pressure rhythm (including dipping status and morning surge), blood pressure availability, and the duration of drug effects. It uses oscillometric technology to measure systolic, diastolic, mean blood pressure, and heart rate over a full 24-hour period.


The lightweight, quiet, and compact recorder is comfortable to wear and carry and facilitates in obtaining accurate results. It features simple one-button operation, a real-time clock for reference in diary notations, easy connection to the cuff with a screw-type connector, and flash memory for data storage - no loss of data and no need for repeat tests! It is powered by 2 AA batteries for low-cost, straightforward maintenance. Its LCD displays several important icons, including the time, a clock to indicate when the device is in Study mode, a sun or moon to indicate the buzzer status (typically on during the day and off at night), a low-battery symbol, and a printer symbol indicating that the unit's memory contains data.

The recorder includes 4 AA batteries, a custom pouch with shoulder strap and waist belt for comfortable wear, PC interface cable for connection to any PC (see requirements below), and a USB converter.

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A single tube and connector joins the recorder and a cuff. The module arrives complete with one adult and one large adult cuff. The cuff's improved sleeve design is latex-free and machine washable with a removable bladder. They inflate dynamically at pre-programmed intervals throughout the 24-hour monitoring period and limit maximum cuff pressure, ensuring maximum patient comfort and compliance. The cuffs feature artery markers, pictorial application instructions, and range indication for proper fit; large adult cuffs are curved for a more tailored fit.

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The CardioPerfect™ Workstation Software manages data from all of Welch Allyn's cardiopulmonary equipment, including ECGs and spirometers, in the same way for storage of all patient information in the same record. This makes retrieval and analysis of the information quick and easy, allowing clinicians and their staff to interact more efficiently with patients. The software allows users to easily monitor trends and changes in patient history and retrieve previous records with the touch of a key; no more digging through paper files looking for the right information. Users may copy and paste spirographs directly into Microsoft® Word for additional saving, sharing, clarity, and viewing (in several customizable formats). Unlimited protocols allow you to program measurement periods and inflation frequencies to meet any study needs.

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EHR compatibility

The CardioPerfect™ Workstation software is EHR-friendly with a bi-directional interface; no printing, scanning, or complicated retrieval, as data is already in the chart. Fax urgent referrals in no time directly from the system; the database stores thousands of test records. This eliminates the need to sort through lengthy paper reports or interpret hard-to-read faxed copies of test results, and makes information accessible virtually anywhere with access to a secure network.

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Once a measurement is complete, it may be printed via the PC and printer of the user's choice. This eliminates the priciness and fading common in thermal paper. The physician may preview and format the report according to his or her preference before printing. 

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Customize your CardioPerfect™ Ambulatory Blood Pressure Module

The module may be ordered with or without CardioPerfect™ Workstation software. If a practice already has other CardioPerfect™ modules in use, there is no need to purchase additional software; simply upgrade with the recorder and accessories. 

Select your preference from the drop-down menu in the upper right corner of this page, then click "add to cart" for hassle-free ordering at the lowest price!

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Minimum computer requirements (recommended)

  • Tower or Desktop PC Configuration
  • Processor: P4 or higher
  • Ports: 3 USB and 2 Serial
  • Memory: 1 GB or higher
  • Monitor: 1280 x 1024 true color, 17” or higher
  • Hard disk: At least 40 GB with 10 GB available
  • Operating system: Windows® 2000 Service Pack 4 or XP SP2
  • I/O: CD-RW
  • Peripherals: Keyboard, mouse and printer
  • Internet connection required for Telemedicine option or to allow Welch Allyn to provide on-line technical support.
  • PC Running only CPWS and EMR application during tests
  • Note: All CardioPerfect installations include a free MSDE SQL license. This version of SQL allows up to 2 GB of data to be stored (this will accommodate approximately 10,000 ABPM tests, depending on the file size). Licenses can be purchased from Microsoft for versions of MS SQL that allow for unlimited storage.

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Made in the USA