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Covidien / Medtronic NELLRESP-RR-01 Bedside Respiratory Function Monitor with SPO2, HR & RR

By Covidien / Medtronic | Mfr#: NELLRESP-RR-01 | Tiger#: TM73418


  • Single finger sensor measures saturation, pulse rate and respiration rate for optimal efficiency
  • Nellcor Optimax technology provides exceptionally accurate pulse oximetry measurements
  • Audio and visual alarms mean patient safety is always prioritized, even during transfer
  • Modular system can easily be upgraded on-site for long-term functionality
  • Intuitive touchscreen interface allows users to select from a range of screen layouts for optimized usability
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Overview for Covidien / Medtronic NELLRESP-RR-01 Bedside Respiratory Function Monitor with SPO2, HR & RR

This all-new respiratory function monitor from Covidien brings you Nellcor’s uncompromising standards for accuracy, and the latest, most efficient and precise technology available. Designed to withstand use in challenging conditions, this monitor uses cutting-edge digital signal processing and cardiac-based technology for consistent performance, even under pressure.

Complete accessibility: Nellcor Bedside Respiratory Monitoring System allows clinicians complete and immediate access to stored data, offering on-the-spot access to critical data needed for proper patient care. It provides constant SpO2, pulse and respiration rate monitoring, as well as SatSeconds alarm management and a Saturation Pattern Detection alerts, allowing physicians to immediately track changes and respiratory complications, and intervene quickly when necessary. This stand-alone system has an impressive memory capable of storing up to 48 hours of trend data in one-second intervals, which can be played back in real-time, viewed graphically or in tables, and downloaded to USB for analysis and archiving. These clear visuals offers clinicians a complete picture of patient progress, so they are better informed when making vital clinical decisions.

Advanced technology: This monitoring system includes Nellcor’s Respiration Rate technology, which monitors oxygen saturation, pulse rate and respiration rate through a finger sensor, delivering several streams of vital signs data at once. It has been proven and published that the speed of measuring oxygenation and displaying its value are of the utmost clinical importance. Oximax technology is among the best available, and responds quickest compared to similar technologies when measuring changes in neonate patients. Additionally, Covidien is the first and only company to receive FDA clearance for a motion-tolerant oximetry portfolio which is also compliant with ISO 80601-2-61. Movement has been proven to impede the ability of equipment to obtain accurate readings, thereby delaying the diagnosis of serious respiratory compromise. Motion tolerance is a crucial element of the Nellcor Bedside Respiratory Monitor, as it facilitates continuously accurate readings, even during patient transfer. This monitor also features SPD (saturation pattern detection) alerts for real-time automatic detection of saturation patterns which may indicate repetitive reductions in airflow in the upper airway into the lungs (in adult patients).

Exceptional accuracy: Nellcor’s revolutionary pulse oximetry sensors include Oximax technology, and boasts exceptional accuracy levels. It is accurate to ±2% in the standard range of 70 – 100% saturation, and to ±3% for saturation levels between 60 – 80%, allowing for highly accurate assessments of saturation levels.

Designed for patient safety: This system includes a range of features to ensure that patient safety is always prioritized. It is licensed for safe use during patient transfer, ensuring continuous monitoring even when moving so that no changes in the patient’s condition are missed. It has audio and visual alarms for both low and high respiration rate, so physicians can instantly react to any dangerous changes.

Long-term functionality: This respiratory monitoring system features modular software which can easily be upgraded as your clinic’s needs change: together with its expandable parameters, it can be updated for long-term functionality without needing to replace the entire system. Upgrades – including Nellcor Respiration Rate software – include enhancements, improvements and new parameters, and can be installed on-site via the device’s USB port.

User friendly: This monitoring system features an intuitive graphic user interface and state-of-the-art color touchscreen, which is easy to read for simplified use. There are several different screen layouts available, allowing the user to select one of a number of predefined views, and easily switch between different views. Its lightweight and versatile design allows for easy transfer, both with patients and between them. It also has multiple connectivity options, providing several ways to upload and access patient data. The device includes SatSeconds alarm management: this is a clinician-controlled feature that has been proven to reduce nuisance alarms, allowing for smoother clinic management.

Optional RR Function: The RR stands for respiratory rate parameter that provides advance diagnostic capabilities. This function allows special RR SPO2 sensors to show respiratory rate in breaths per minute in addition to standard measurement parameters such as SPO2 and heart rate.

  • NELLRESP-RR-01 - Includes SPO2, heart rate and RR measurements 

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Made in the USA