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Symmetry Surgical / Bovie A952 Bantam | PRO Electrosurgical Generator & Desiccator

By Symmetry Surgical / Bovie | Mfr#: A952 | Tiger#: TM79360


  • Combines Electrosurgical Generator & High Frequency Desiccator
  • Includes 6 Functional Modes: Cut, Blend, Coagulation, Fulguration, Micro Bipolar, Bipolar
  • Bovie NEM™ Technology Minimizes Patient Burns 
  • 50 Watts Adjustable in 1/10th Watt Increments
  • Self Diagnostics Function for Continuous Performance Control 

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Overview for Symmetry Surgical / Bovie A952 Bantam | PRO Electrosurgical Generator & Desiccator

Bovie Bantam|PRO is a unique unit featuring dual design. It is a merge of a 50 watt Electrosurgical Generator and a High Frequency Desiccator in one flexible, reliable and convenient device. The 6 functional modes, ultra compact design, an unsuppressed performance and numerous innovative features come in one package to deliver best service to any patient population ranging from newborn to geriatric.

Exceptional Versatility & The 6 Modes
Bantam|PRO High Frequency Desiccator with Cutting Ability is intended to aid surgeon or physician in performing procedures that require electrosurgical cutting, coagulation, blending, fulguration and bipolar procedures of tissue including destruction and removal of skin lesions. As a result, this exceptionally comprehensive unit features 6 functional modes.
The Cut Mode allows cutting any types of tissues giving the maximum power of 50 watts generating constant power output over a wide range of impedances. The output power can be easily adjusted at any time with the use of a dial on the unit front panel or the up/down buttons on the handpiece.
The Blend Mode is a truly effective tool that combines cutting and hemostasis functions, helping to increase the range of tissue desiccation without increasing the output power. The maximum power for this mode as well reaches up to 50 watts.
The Coagulation Mode serves to the purpose of a fast and effective bleeding control in localized areas allowing power output set up to 50 watts.
The Fulguration Mode can be applied to the patient without the use of a return electrode. Fulguration method is very effective in cases of a more shallow tissue destruction realized by produces a sparking at the skin surface. It is 40 watts maximum.
The Micro Bipolar and Bipolar Modes provide conventional or precise power output respectively. The modes are used in case of coagulation procedures and both give maximum of 40 watts.

Increased Safety
Bantam|PRO helps to create a patient-centric environment implementing high safety standards with no loss in flexibility or performance. With the help of Bovie NEM™ technology it is now possible to exert a continuous automatic monitoring of the contact quality between the patient and the split return electrode for minimizing patient burns at the return electrode site. The Bovie NEM™ as well automatically detects the kind of the electrode attached: solid or split.

Extended Benefits
Bovie aims to deliver maximum benefits to the end user assuring the excellent performance of its Bantam|PRO. This Electrosurgical Generator\Desiccator comprises a self diagnostics feature that continually monitors the device to ensure the proper performance of all system functions. For your convenience the connections to the monopolar instrument, bipolar instrument, return patient grounding pad and a footswitch have all been locate at the front panel of the unit, making them easily accessible and promoting the simplicity of the unit set-up. The implementation of a memory function aims to save your time and powers up the unit to the latest settings, including mode and power. The Bantam|PRO unit weights 5 lbs and measures 4.13"D x 8.98"W x 7.40"H.

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