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Symmetry Surgical / Bovie A2350 Aaron Surgi-Center|PRO Electrosurgical Generator - 200 Watt

By Symmetry Surgical / Bovie | Mfr#: A2350 | Tiger#: TM75408


  • 200 watt Multipurpose Electrosurgical Generator
  • Digital power control with Fast Digital Feedback System (FDFS)
  • Many settings include cut, coagulation, blend, and bipolar
  • Auto Bipolar and Bovie Bipolar intuitive technology
  • Safety features include BovieNEM that minimized burns at electrode site
  • Visual Ammeter indicates real time current flowing through patient

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Overview for Symmetry Surgical / Bovie A2350 Aaron Surgi-Center|PRO Electrosurgical Generator - 200 Watt

The Aaron OR|PRO 200 watt Multipurpose Electrosurgical Generator from Bovie Medical is a powerful but safe choice for the modern operating room. This multipurpose device fulfills all your surgical needs with both monopolar and bipolar functions.

Safety:   Exemplary safety is a main feature of this device. The BovieNEM™ Return Electrode Contact Quality system minimizes patient burns at the return electrode site and Bovie FDFS™ ensures accurate energy delivery by measuring tissue 5 million times a second and adjusting to various impedances 5,000 times a second. Real time current (mA) flowing through the patient can be viewed with a visual Anmeter.

Accessories:   There are several recommended accessories that are designed for use with Bovie Electrosurgical Systems - see Related Products tab above. They include a Footswitch, a Bipolar Footswitch, Reusable Non-Sterile Bipolar Forceps Cord, Disposable Split Adult Return Electrodes, 7.5" Bayonet Bipolar Forceps, and a 35" tall Mobile Station with shelves for placing instruments and additional devices. There are also several surgical pencils available, including both disposable and reusable options.


This machine features 13 electrosurgical modes for blend settings, coagulation settings, and cut settings. The last used power and mode is recalled by the device with its surgical memory technology. It can remember up to 10 presets and up to 6 bipolar output preferences. 

Cut:   Cut I is for general cutting on a wide range of tissue with minimal hemostasis. It uses standard RF waveform and is used for endoscopic and open procedures. Cut II mode is specifically designed for Laparoscopic surgery with precisely managed cutting energy to minimize potential risk of capacitive coupling and site burns due to weakened insulation. The Blend mode has levels 1, 2, 3, and 4 for varying levels of hemostasis, providing more control of bleeding.

Coagulation: This includes Spray Coagulation mode for hemostasis for large surfaces or highly vascular areas. This non-contact tissue coagulation is also used to control light bleeding. It permits dual simultaneous monopolar accessories with an audible tone alert. The Pinpoint Coagulation mode provides rapid desiccation effects with little tissue damage. For situations in which there is less time or there is less electrode carbonization, you can use the Gentle Coagulation Mode which offers more concentrated coagulation.

Bipolar:   The Aaron Surgi-Center|PRO 200 features Auto Bipolar intuitive technology which eliminates the need for a footswitch and causes minimal tissue damage. This unit has 4 Bipolar Coagulation modes. Standard Bipolar mode coagulates gently for minimal tissue damage, reducing sticking and carbonization. Macro Bipolar provides aggressive coagulation for a wide range of tissue with intense bipolar output with cut-like effects, while Micro Bipolar mode is extremely gentle and precise. In addition to these three bipolar settings, this electrosurgical device features Bovie® Bipolar, a pulsing bipolar mode for powerful and quick coagulation with adjustable power in variable steps, providing more control for the surgeon for the optimal surgical effect.

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