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GE H40482LS 4Vc-D 4D Phased Array Cardiac Transducer *DISCONTINUED*

By GE | Mfr#: H40482LS | Tiger#: TM109049


  • All-in-one 4D TTE probe for GE Vivid E95, E90, and E80
  • cSound 3.0 beamformer software for excellent 2D, 4D, color, and Doppler mode images 
  • Powerful 4D imaging with ultra-high volume rates in single-beat acquisition without image quality loss
  • Matrix Array Technology
  • Capable of complete diagnosis with a single probe, reducing exam time and operator muscular strain
  • Reduces additional clinical tests or incorrect diagnosis due to poor image quality
  • Compact and lightweight at only 82g
  • Frequency range: 1.4-5.2 MHz – usable for pediatric examinations in patients of at least 12 kg
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Overview for GE H40482LS 4Vc-D 4D Phased Array Cardiac Transducer

Confidently diagnose and reduce additional clinical testing while streamlining your workflow with the GE 4Vc-D 4D Phased Array Cardiac Transducer by GE Healthcare. This all-in-one cardiac imaging probe is half the size of traditional echo transducers but packs enough processing power to obtain high-quality 2D, 4D, Doppler, and color images for echocardiography without the need to switch probes. With the cSound 3.0 and XDClear technologies, the GE 4Vc-D is a product of innovation that streamlines your workflow without compromising and even elevating clinical excellence. 

Confidently diagnose with state-of-the-art cardiac imaging capability

Suboptimal TTE imaging results in missed or incorrect diagnoses and added costs due to additional tests. With improved imaging quality, accurate diagnoses can be made, and the overall patient outcome can be improved while reducing costs and patient burden. This is exactly what the GE 4Vc-D is designed for. 

Unlike conventional transducers that use hardware-based beamforming which can only process a limited number of channel data, the GE 4Vc-D uses cSound 3.0 technology, a software-based beamforming platform that can process an unlimited amount of channel data using a high-power, professional-grade GPU board. The preservation of all channel data results in drastically improved image quality. 

Because it processes data through GPU instead of CPU, the 4Vc-D is capable of extremely fast and extremely high levels of parallel processing using Vmax, a new sophisticated software algorithm developed by GE Healthcare. This technology enables the probe to acquire single-beat ultra-high 4D volume rates without any loss of image quality. 

Further, cSound 3.0 enables the following features with tremendous benefits to cardiac image quality:

  • TCI and ACE - Algorithms that enhance clarity and spatial and contrast resolution throughout the field of view. 
  • HDLive - Generates incredible, real-time realistic visualization of the human heart by using advanced illumination, shadowing, and reflection algorithms. You can modify the lighting and even move the light source. This feature can enhance 4D depth perception during regular TTE imaging or image-guided interventions. 
  • Blood Speckle Imaging (BSI) – Blood flow visualization technique with an ultrahigh framerate acquisition. It’s a valuable tool for observing blood flow after procedures such as shunt placement. 
  • Color Flow Visualization – Provides excellent color sensitivity, color intensity, and contrast resolution.

With more advanced features, the 4Vc-D ensures excellent imaging quality for accurate diagnoses even in difficult-to-scan patients. The 4Vc-D provides excellent detail and contrast in 2D, 4D color Doppler, TVI, Live Anatomic M-Mode, PW-Doppler, CW-Doppler, Triplex Mode, Live Bi-Plane, and Live Tri-Plane modes.

Advanced XDclear probe technology for better resolution

The 4Vc-D is one of GE’s new XDClear series of probes that uses newer piezoelectric materials to increase bandwidth. This enhances penetration, sensitivity, and resolution, and expands 4Vc-D’s bandwidth to 1.4-5.2 MHz, allowing it to perform several tests that used to require separate transducers. The 4Vc-D also features the Matrix Array Technology which uses multiple rows of crystals to help achieve consistent focus and resolution throughout the field of view as opposed to the narrower focus of single-row transducers. This allows you to detect small cysts, vessels, and other anatomic structures over an extended range of view. 

Smoother workflow with one probe

Because the GE 4Vc-D can function in several modes, you can make a complete and comprehensive diagnosis without switching probes. This reduces exam time, speeds up your work, and minimizes muscular stress and strain. Its compact size also makes it easier to use and store than other larger transducers.

Future-proof GPU-based technology

One of the biggest advantages of the GE 4Vc-D is the easy upgradability and configurability thanks to the software-based cSound platform. cSound is versatile and can quickly adapt to new algorithms faster than hardware/firmware. Since cSound uses commercially available processors, the 4Vc-D will benefit from new, more powerful, and more efficient GPUs as they enter the market. With the 4Vc-D, you will have access to new technological developments that GE will introduce to cSound and cSound-based probes. 

The GE 4Vc-D is an innovative cardiac transducer that is changing how cardiac ultrasounds are done. Without changing probes, you can get ultra-clear 2D, 4D, color, and Doppler images of the human heart for confident and accurate diagnoses.