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Mayline EF2412S 4-Post Shelves

By Mayline | Mfr#: EF2412S | Tiger#: TM79051
  • 4-Post Shelves MAYEF2412S-
  • MAYEF2412S- Accessories: 4-Post Shelves - Slotted Shelf
  • MAYEF2412S- Accessories: 4-Post Shelves - Unslotted Shelf


  • Choice of Slotted or Unslotted Design Variations
  • Optional 18 or 22 Gauge Steel 
  • 240 lbs Weight Capacity Per Shelf
  • Compatible with Mayline 4-Post Filing Units 
List Price: $73.15
You Save: $22.35 - 31%
  • Product Options
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Overview for Mayline EF2412S 4-Post Shelves

Mayline 4-Post Shelves are designed to help you form the filing system according to your individual requirements. The Shelves fit Mayline 4-Post Starter and Adder units. They come in a great variety of sizes and two design variations. Each shelf features a capacity of 240 lbs and is made with 18-gauge or 22-gauge steel at your choice. Experience the benefits of a greater visibility, one-touch file retrieval and simple assembly.

4-Post Shelves - Options Chart
Item #Media DepthWidth Design List PricePrice
EF2412SLetter12" 24"22 Guage - Slotted$25$17,50
EF3012S30"22 Guage - Slotted$25$17,50
EF3612S36"22 Guage - Slotted$25$17,50
EF2412U24"22 Guage - Unslotted$25$17,50
EF3012U30"22 Guage - Unslotted$25$17,50
EF3612U36"22 Guage - Unslotted$28$19,60
EF4212S42"22 Guage - Slotted$30$21,00
EF4212U42"22 Guage - Unslotted$30$21,00
EF4812U48"22 Guage - Unslotted$34$23,80
EF4812S48"22 Guage - Slotted$38$26,60
EF2412U18GA24"18 Guage - Unslotted$49$34,30
EF3012U18GA30"18 Guage - Unslotted$52$38,08
EF2412S18GA24"18 Guage - Slotted$54$39,16
EF3012S18GA30"18 Guage - Slotted$55$39,70
EF3612S18GA36"18 Guage - Slotted$55$39,70
EF3612U18GA36"18 Guage - Unslotted$55$39,70
EF4212U18GA42"18 Guage - Unslotted$57$40,78
EF4212S18GA42"18 Guage - Slotted$58$41,32
EF4812S18GA48"18 Guage - Slotted$61$42,94
EF4812U18GA48"18 Guage - Unslotted$61$42,94
EF2415SLegal15" 24"22 Guage - Slotted$28$19,60
EF3015S30"22 Guage - Slotted$28$19,60
EF3615S36"22 Guage - Slotted$28$19,60
EF2415U24"22 Guage - Unslotted$28$19,60
EF3015U30"22 Guage - Unslotted$28$19,60
EF3615U36"22 Guage - Unslotted$32$22,40
EF4215U42"22 Guage - Unslotted$37$25,90
EF4215S42"22 Guage - Slotted$38$26,60
EF4815U48"22 Guage - Unslotted$41$28,70
EF4815S48"22 Guage - Slotted$45$31,50
EF2415U18GA24"18 Guage - Unslotted$51$37,54
EF2415S18GA24"18 Guage - Slotted$55$39,70
EF3015S18GA30"18 Guage - Slotted$56$40,24
EF3615S18GA36"18 Guage - Slotted$56$40,24
EF3015U18GA30"18 Guage - Unslotted$56$40,24
EF3615U18GA36"18 Guage - Unslotted$56$40,24
EF4215U18GA42"18 Guage - Unslotted$58$41,32
EF4215S18GA42"18 Guage - Slotted$61$42,94
EF4815S18GA48"18 Guage - Slotted$62$43,48
EF4815U18GA48"18 Guage - Unslotted$62$43,48

Customize Your 4-Post Shelves

The 4-Post Shelves are intended to fit any Mayline 4-Post Filing Unit and therefore come in a great number of variations. See below to view all the customizable options:

Media Type
There are two depth options to choose from, corresponding to two media types: Letter or Legal.

  • Letter Size - 12" Depth
  • Legal Size - 15" Depth

Shelf Width
A great choice of width options are available to help you expand any of the Mayline 4-Post Filling Units.

  • 24" Width 
  • 30" Width 
  • 36" Width 
  • 42" Width 
  • 48" Width 

The Shelves feature slotted and unslotted design variations. Slotted shelves allow the use of dividers that can be adjusted on 3" centers along the shelf. Both design variations are available in 18-gauge or 22-gauge steel configurations.

  • 22 Guage – Slotted
  • 22 Guage – Unslotted
  • 18 Guage - Slotted
  • 18 Guage - Unslotted

Optional Paint Colors
Mayline 4-Post Shelves come in 17 finish to match your existing Filing Unit.
*Please write your color preference in your order special notes.

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