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Mayline EFL2412433S 4-Post Filing Unit

By Mayline | Mfr#: EFL2412433S | Tiger#: TM79045
  • 4-Post Filing Unit MAYEFL2412433S-
  • MAYEFL2412433S- 4-Post Filing Unit - "L" uprights


  • Optional Sizes and Number of Tiers 
  • Supports Letter and Legal Filing
  • Shelves Adjust on 1½" Centers 
  • Easy to Assemble, no Hardware Required
  • 240 lbs Weight Capacity Per Shelf
List Price: $657.00
You Save: $290.36 - 44%
  • Product Options
Ships Out Within: 4-6 Weeks

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Overview for Mayline EFL2412433S 4-Post Filing Unit

Mayline 4-Post Filing Unit employs a unique modular design that brings your storage potential to an unlimited capacity. Start off with a basic unit that offers a great variety of customizable details and build up your storage system using Adder models. With Mayline 4-Post shelving systems you are free to create and alternate your storage space to fit folders, organize files, stock boxes and what not. Experience the benefits of greater visibility, easier file retrieval, simple assembly and a large variety of upgrades.

Excellent Features
Mayline 4-Post Filing Unit features two closed "L" style uprights that are used for starter models to provide a more finished external appearance. The shelves are made of a 22-gauge steel that ensures exceptional durability and a weight capacity of 240lbs per shelf. The uprights are slotted on the sides to allow customizable shelf positioning. Each shelf adjusts on 1.5" along the 4-Post Filing Unit. This basic model comes without the back panel or shelf dividers that can be purchased separately if required.

4-Post Filing Unit - Shelving Options Chart
Item #Media DepthOpeningsWidth List PricePrice
EFL2412433SLetter12"324" $381$248,12
EFL3012433S330" $381$248,12
EFL3612433S336" $384$249,68
EFL4212433S342" $404$260,08
EFL4812433S348" $456$287,12
EFL2412656S624" $555$338,60
EFL3012656S630" $555$338,60
EFL3612656S636" $558$340,16
EFL4212656S642" $596$359,92
EFL2412767S724" $646$385,92
EFL3012767S730" $646$385,92
EFL3612767S736" $649$387,48
EFL4212767S742" $695$411,40
EFL4812656S648" $696$411,92
EFL2412868S824" $701$414,52
EFL3012868S830" $701$414,52
EFL3612868S836" $714$421,28
EFL4212868S842" $766$448,32
EFL2412979S924" $796$463,92
EFL3012979S930" $796$463,92
EFL4812767S748" $798$464,96
EFL3612979S936" $799$465,48
EFL4212979S942" $857$495,64
EFL4812868S848" $886$510,72
EFL4812979S948" $992$565,84
EFL2415433SLegal15"324" $401$258,52
EFL3015433S330" $401$258,52
EFL3615433S336" $405$260,60
EFL4215433S342" $443$280,36
EFL4815433S348" $492$305,84
EFL2415656S624" $584$353,68
EFL3015656S630" $584$353,68
EFL3615656S636" $588$355,76
EFL2415767S724" $663$394,76
EFL3015767S730" $663$394,76
EFL4215656S642" $672$399,44
EFL3615767S736" $677$402,04
EFL2415868S824" $752$441,04
EFL3015868S830" $752$441,04
EFL4815656S648" $753$441,56
EFL3615868S836" $756$443,12
EFL4215767S742" $762$446,24
EFL2415979S924" $833$483,16
EFL3015979S930" $833$483,16
EFL3615979S936" $837$485,24
EFL4215868S842" $853$493,56
EFL4815767S748" $858$496,16
EFL4215979S942" $945$541,40
EFL4815868S848" $956$547,12
EFL4815979S948" $1 066$604,32

Customize Your 4-Post Filing Unit

For Starter models Mayline allows creating a flexible shelving unit that will fully satisfy your individual requirements. You are offered a choice of size and the number of shelves.

Optional Media Type
There are two depth options to choose from, corresponding to two media types: Letter or Legal.

  • Letter Size - 12" Depth
  • Legal Size - 15" Depth

Optional Number of Openings
This 4-Post Filing Unit is available in five variations that differ by number of tiers that correspond to the number of usable shelves.

  • 3 Tiers
  • 6 Tiers
  • 7 Tiers
  • 8 Tiers
  • 9 Tiers

Optional Width
A great choice of width options promotes flexibility.

  • 24" Width 
  • 30" Width
  • 36" Width
  • 42" Width
  • 48" Width

Optional Paint Colors
Mayline 4-Post Filing System comes in 17 finish colors at your choice.
*Please write your color preference in your order special notes.

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