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Mayline EFO2412433A 4-Post Filing - Adder Unit

By Mayline | Mfr#: EFO2412433A | Tiger#: TM79050
  • 4-Post Filing - Adder Unit MAYEFO2412433A-
  • MAYEFO2412433A-4-Post Filing - Adder Unit - with adder units


  • Optional Sizes and Number of Tiers 
  • Supports Letter or Legal Filing
  • Shelves Adjust on 1½" Centers 
  • Easy to Assemble, no Hardware Required
  • 240 lbs Weight Capacity Per Shelf
List Price: $508.00
You Save: $218.84 - 43%
  • Product Options
    Choose Design

    Select Media Type

    Select Openings

    Choose Width

Ships Out Within: 4-6 Weeks


Please call our Product Specialist to clarify your needs and if you may need more parts.

Dividers are required to complete your Filing Unit Order. Please make your choice HERE

Overview for Mayline EFO2412433A 4-Post Filing - Adder Unit

Mayline 4-Post Filing - Adder Unit is a highly efficient storage solution that has been designed to specifically address your unique current and future storage needs. Start off with a basic Filing Unit and build up your storage system using Adder models. With Mayline 4-Post shelving systems you are free to create and alternate your storage space to fit folders, organize files, stock boxes and what not. Experience the benefits of a greater visibility, one-touch file retrieval, simple assembly and a large variety of upgrades.

Model Features
This Mayline Adder Unit features two types of uprights: Closed "T" and open "T" that are normally used for the internal support. The shelves are made of a 22-gauge steel that ensures exceptional durability and a weight capacity of 240lbs per shelf. The uprights are slotted on the sides to allow customizable shelf positioning. Each shelf adjusts on 1.5" along the 4-Post Filing Unit. This model comes without the back panel or shelf dividers that can be purchased separately if required.

4-Post Filing - Adder Unit - Shelving Options Chart
Item #Media DepthOpeningsWidth Design List Price
EFO2412433ALetter 12"324"Open 'T'$294
EFO3012433A330"Open 'T'$294
EFO3612433A336"Open 'T'$297
EFO4212433A342" Open 'T'$317
EFT3012433A330"Closed 'T' $351
EFT2412433A324"Closed 'T' $351
EFT3612433A336"Closed 'T' $354
EFO4812433A348"Open 'T'$369
EFT4212433A342" Closed 'T' $374
EFT4812433A348"Closed 'T' $426
EFO2412656A624"Open 'T'$468
EFO3012656A630"Open 'T'$468
EFO3612656A636"Open 'T'$471
EFO4212656A642" Open 'T'$509
EFT2412656A624"Closed 'T' $525
EFT3012656A630"Closed 'T' $525
EFT3612656A636"Closed 'T' $528
EFO2412767A724"Open 'T'$535
EFO3012767A730"Open 'T'$535
EFO3612767A736"Open 'T'$538
EFT4212656A642" Closed 'T' $566
EFO4212767A742" Open 'T'$594
EFT2412767A724"Closed 'T' $595
EFT3012767A730"Closed 'T' $595
EFT3612767A736"Closed 'T' $598
EFO2412868A824"Open 'T'$604
EFO3012868A830"Open 'T'$604
EFO3612868A836"Open 'T'$607
EFO4812656A648"Open 'T'$609
EFT4212767A742" Closed 'T' $654
EFO4212868A842" Open 'T'$659
EFO2412979A924"Open 'T'$664
EFO3012979A930"Open 'T'$664
EFT4812656A648"Closed 'T' $666
EFO3612979A936"Open 'T'$667
EFT2412868A824"Closed 'T' $678
EFT3012868A830"Closed 'T' $678
EFT3612868A836"Closed 'T' $681
EFO4812767A748"Open 'T'$698
EFO4212979A942" Open 'T'$725
EFT4212868A842" Closed 'T' $745
EFT2412979A924"Closed 'T' $751
EFT3012979A930"Closed 'T' $751
EFT3612979A936"Closed 'T' $754
EFT4812767A748"Closed 'T' $758
EFO4812868A848"Open 'T'$778
EFT4212979A942" Closed 'T' $812
EFT4812868A848"Closed 'T' $852
EFO4812979A948"Open 'T'$858
EFT4812979A948"Closed 'T' $945
EFO2415433ALegal15"324"Open 'T'$308
EFO3015433A330"Open 'T'$308
EFO3615433A336"Open 'T'$312
EFO4215433A342" Open 'T'$350
EFT2415433A324"Closed 'T' $371
EFT3015433A330"Closed 'T' $371
EFT3615433A336"Closed 'T' $375
EFO4815433A348"Open 'T'$399
EFT4215433A342" Closed 'T' $413
EFT4815433A348"Closed 'T' $462
EFO2415656A624"Open 'T'$491
EFO3015656A630"Open 'T'$491
EFO3615656A636"Open 'T'$495
EFT2415656A624"Closed 'T' $554
EFT3015656A630"Closed 'T' $554
EFT3615656A636"Closed 'T' $558
EFO2415767A724"Open 'T'$575
EFO3015767A730"Open 'T'$575
EFO4215656A642" Open 'T'$578
EFO3615767A736"Open 'T'$579
EFT2415767A724"Closed 'T' $638
EFT3015767A730"Closed 'T' $638
EFO2415868A824"Open 'T'$638
EFO3015868A830"Open 'T'$638
EFT4215656A642" Closed 'T' $642
EFT3615767A736"Closed 'T' $642
EFO3615868A836"Open 'T'$642
EFO4815656A648"Open 'T'$660
EFO4215767A742" Open 'T'$665
EFO2415979A924"Open 'T'$700
EFO3015979A930"Open 'T'$700
EFO3615979A936"Open 'T'$704
EFT2415868A824"Closed 'T' $713
EFT3615868A836"Closed 'T' $718
EFT4815656A648"Closed 'T' $723
EFT4215767A742" Closed 'T' $727
EFO4215868A842" Open 'T'$738
EFO4815767A748"Open 'T'$759
EFT2415979A924"Closed 'T' $788
EFT3015979A930"Closed 'T' $788
EFT3615979A936"Closed 'T' $792
EFO4215979A942" Open 'T'$794
EFT4215868A842" Closed 'T' $814
EFT4815767A748"Closed 'T' $822
EFO4815868A848"Open 'T'$846
EFT3015868A830"Closed 'T' $888
EFT4215979A942" Closed 'T' $901
EFT4815868A848"Closed 'T' $922
EFO4815979A948"Open 'T'$933
EFT4815979A948"Closed 'T' $1 022

Customize Your 4-Post Filing - Adder Unit

The Mayline Adder sections are available in a great variety of configurations allowing to customize unit dimensions, number of shelves and uprights style. See below to view all the customizable options:

Media Type
There are two depth options to choose from, corresponding to two media types: Letter or Legal.

  • Letter Size - 12" Depth
  • Legal Size - 15" Depth

Number of Openings
This 4-Post Filing Adder Unit is available in five variations that differ by number of tiers that correspond to the number of usable shelves.

  • 3 Tiers
  • 6 Tiers
  • 7 Tiers
  • 8 Tiers
  • 9 Tiers

Unit Width
A great choice of width options promotes flexibility in how much you would like to expand you filling system.

  • 24"
  • 30"
  • 36"
  • 42"
  • 48"

Choose between closed or open "T" type uprights to best suit your needs.

  • Open "T" Upright
  • Closed "T" Upright

Optional Paint Colors
Mayline 4-Post Filing System comes in 17 finish colors at your choice.
*Please write your color preference in your order special notes.

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