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Amerex B570 30 lbs Sodium Chloride Fire Extinguisher (Class D)

By Amerex | Mfr#: B570 | Tiger#: TM110609


  • Ÿ  Uses sodium chloride dry powder
  • Ÿ  Smothers and cools down fire
  • Ÿ  Includes wall bracket
  • Ÿ  Rugged, all-metal cylinder with corrosion-resistant yellow paint
  • Ÿ Heavy-duty chrome-plated brass valve
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Overview for Amerex B570 30 lbs Sodium Chloride Fire Extinguisher (Class D)

The Amerex B570 30 lbs Sodium Chloride Fire Extinguisher (Class D) uses sodium chloride-based dry powder extinguishing agent to fight metal fires involving magnesium, potassium, sodium, and sodium-potassium alloys. It’s also proven to work against zirconium, uranium, titanium, and powdered aluminum fires. Warehouses, factories, laboratories, and any metal processing facilities where these metals are welded, ground, or milled should keep an Amerex B570 handy to safely handle fire hazards anytime they strike. 


Superior firefighting performance. When discharged and exposed to the heat of the metal fire, the specially blended sodium chloride-based dry powder extinguishing agent cakes and forms a crust that cuts off the oxygen supply and dissipates the heat from the burning metal. The Amerex B570 features a lower pressure than other types of extinguishers to avoid spreading the burning material. This fire 30 lbs fire extinguisher can extinguish: 

  •  Magnesium Chips: 4 ft.2 and/or 6 lbs. of metal 
  •  Sodium or Potassium Spill: 5 ft.2 and/or 5 lbs. of metal 
  •  Sodium or Potassium Spill Depth Over ”: 3 ft.2 and or 6 lbs. of metal 
  •  Sodium Potassium Alloy Spill: 3 ft.2 and/or 2 lbs. of metal

User-friendly design. The Amerex B570 has a unique “soft flow” extension applicator with a built-in long-range nozzle that allows the operator to stand away from the extreme heat and avoid inhalation of toxic fumes caused by the burning metal. This applicator provides an easily controlled, even discharge of the agent. When you need more range, you can quickly remove the applicator to provide a narrower, straight stream of the agent. Like all Amerex extinguishers, the B570 has a large-looped stainless-steel pull pin for easy pulling, as well as QR-coded and bilingual labels. 

Rugged, reliable build. Amerex is known for high-quality fire extinguishers that are guaranteed to last long with proper maintenance and service. The Class D fire extinguishers feature a stored pressure design, sturdy drawn-steel cylinders, an all-metal valve construction, a special anti-corrosion yellow paint, and a Class D color-coded paint finish. The Amerex Class D fire extinguishers are safe to use in temperatures ranging from -40°F to 120°F.   

Manufactured to the highest industry standards, the Amerex B570 30 lbs Sodium Chloride Fire Extinguisher is tested to ANSI/UL standards, complies with NFPA 10 Standards, is ISO-9001/ISO-14001 certified, and is FM approved. It’s a reliable device that is guaranteed to work when you need it. Simply click “add to cart” above to order today.