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Amerex A384T 1.4 lbs Halotron 1 Fire Extinguisher (Class BC)

By Amerex | Mfr#: A384T | Tiger#: TM110594


  • Uses Halotron I to stop Class B and C fires
  • Includes vehicle bracket
  • UL rating: 1B:C
  • Leaves no residue and does not damage assets
  • Environmentally friendly alternative to Halon
  • Durable stainless-steel cylinder with corrosion-resistant paint
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Overview for Amerex A384T 1.4 lbs Halotron 1 Fire Extinguisher (Class BC)

Amerex Halotron 1 Fire Extinguishers are ideal for suppressing fires without downtime and collateral damage due to corrosive residue. Halotron 1 is a “clean” agent that discharges as a rapidly evaporating, non-corrosive liquid without residue, making it a great choice for data centers, manufacturing plants, laboratories, military bases, and other facilities with high-value assets. The Amerex A384T 1.4 lbs Halotron 1 Fire Extinguisher (Class BC) is a small-sized, 1B:C UL-rated extinguisher that can suppress 1 square foot of Class B fires. Available in red or chrome finish, each unit includes an easy-to-install vehicle bracket. 

Superior firefighting power. The Class BC Halotron 1 models are ideal for locations with high risks of fires involving flammable liquids/gas and electrical equipment. Halotron 1 is a chemical blend made from HCFC-123, tetrafluoromethane, and argon. It suppresses fire by interrupting the chemical chain reaction and cooling the fuel. This agent offers maximum visibility to the operator and has a relatively high boiling point compared to other “clean” extinguishing agents. This allows it to cover more distance at a throw length of 9-15 ft. (2.7-4.5 meters) before completely evaporating. This is why it is found to be user-friendly and enables even amateurs to efficiently put out fires. The 1.4 lbs Halotron 1 models can reach a range of 6-8 feet, with a discharge time of 9 seconds.

Clean agent with low environmental impact. Halotron 1 was formulated to replace Halon 1211, a severely ozone-depleting fire suppression agent. Halotron 1 has an extremely low Global Warming Potential and Ozone Depletion Potential and is proven to reduce harmful emissions by 96%.

User-friendly. Halotron 1 extinguishers are designed for ease of use to ensure successful and safe fire suppression. It comes factory-charged and ready to use, with a stainless-steel pull pin and a large loop for easy pulling. Class BC models come with a nozzle. As with all Amerex extinguishers, Halotron 1 extinguishers are QR-coded and printed with bilingual labels. 

Rugged, reliable build. Amerex is known for its high-quality fire extinguishers that are guaranteed to last long with proper maintenance and service. The Amerex Halotron 1 extinguishers feature a stored pressure design with a dependable drawn-steel cylinder, durable high-gloss polyester powder paint, and a heavy-duty chrome-plated brass valve. It is safe to use in temperatures ranging from -40°F to 120°F. 

Configuration Options

The Amerex 1.4 lbs Halotron 1 Fire Extinguisher (Class BC) is available in red or chrome finish. Chrome is easier to blend with the background, making it the preferred extinguisher in locations where style and aesthetics are a priority such as hotel lobbies, yachts, etc. Because chrome is more difficult to spot than its red counterpart, it must be accompanied by an easy-to-read sign. Please select your preference from the menu above to place your order.

  • A384T: 1.4 lbs, 845 vehicle bracket, Red finish
  • A384TC: 1.4 lbs, 845 vehicle bracket, Chrome finish