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Swabsticks offers you various types of swabsticks; oral, alcohol, providine/iodine, and benzoin. Each type is divided into separate categories for a convenient and pleasant shopping experience. We will supply you with the best quality, price, and assortment of swabsticks available. Call our friendly customer service personnel with any questions and they will assist you in purchasing the swabsticks that best suit your requirements.

Alcohol Swabsticks

Alcohol swabsticks kill bacteria and germs in preparation of and as part of various medical procedures. Our alcohol swabsticks section includes the sterile Chlorascrub Swabs from PDI which contain chlorhexidine gluconate and isopropyl alcohol and are ideal for use in the preparation of injections and surgeries. View our other alcohol swabsticks by clicking on the category below.

Oral Swabsticks

Kimberly Clark's Ready Care Dentaswab Swabs are made of soft foam which works gently on sensitive gums and teeth. The swabs are individually wrapped for hygiene and are available with or without Dentifrice, a toothpaste in powder form. Dynarex offers unflavored oral swab sticks, a soft, dry oral cleaning swabstick that features a ribbed design for better cleaning. It is available in two quantity options.

Providone/Iodine Swabsticks

The Povidone-Iodine Prep Swabsticks from PDI are saturated with a solution that contains 10% providon/iodine and are non-irritating. They are ideal for prepping patients for minor invasive medical procedures. Dynarex's Povidone Iodine Dual-Scrubs are two-sided so that you can prep with one side and scrub with the other. They are well saturated with a providone/iodine solution.

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