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Beckman Coulter

Ac-T Diff Hematology Analyzer 6605486

by Beckman Coulter
MFR#: 6605486    Tiger#: TM70214
  • Advanced technology guarantees maximized performance for reliable efficiency
  • Compact device is ideal for small lab settings which may lack space
  • User friendly system features icon-driven touchscreen and customizable settings
  • Low maintenance and high reliability reduce cost of ownership and simplify use
  • Choice of reagent kits available with a choice of included solutions
Ships Within: 14 - 21 Business Days

Beckman Coulter

Ac-t Diff 2 Hematology Analyzer 6605540

by Beckman Coulter
MFR#: 6605540    Tiger#: TM70398
  • Flexible reporting options and choice of operational modes
  • Sophisticated technology ensures high levels of reliability and impressive accuracy
  • User-friendly icon-driven touchscreen and data management system simplifies operation
  • Zero routine maintenance requirements ensure low cost of ownership and maximum uptime
  • Choice of reagent kits include different reagent solutions


Ships Within: 14 - 21 Business Days
19"H x 18" W x 16" DWBC, RBC, Hgb, MCV, PLT, MPV, LY #50 samples/hour (min)

Beckman Coulter

Ac-T 5diff Hematology Analyzer 6605580

by Beckman Coulter
MFR#: 6605580    Tiger#: TM70549
  • Advanced technology provides 5-part differential analysis within 26 different parameters
  • User-definable parameters make detection of abnormalities easy and increase turnaround
  • Flexible operation allows for customized output and data entry
  • User friendly interface ensures simple use and streamlined, efficient practice
  • Zero routine maintenance offers maximized uptime and heightened productivity
Ships Within: 14 - 21 Business Days
Price: $27,671.88
Free Shipping (USA)

Beckman Coulter

Ac-T 5diff Cap Pierce Hematology Analyzer 6605705

by Beckman Coulter
MFR#: 6605705    Tiger#: TM70859
  • Innovative Cap Pierce technology eliminates operator exposure to biohazards, increasing safety
  • Onboard quality controls and analysis within 26 parameters offers highly accurate flexibility
  • Advanced technology and high throughput provides quick, accurate 5-differential analysis 
  • Sophisticated data management stores 10,000 patient results for easy recall
  • User-friendly system includes onboard problem solving and has no routine maintenance requirements
Ships Within: 14 - 21 Business Days
23" H x 17.5" W x 19.8" DWBC, RBC, Hgb, HCT, PLT,60 samples/hour
Price: $31,265.63
Free Shipping (USA)


Compact Variable-Speed Clinical Centrifuge AZRZ100

by Medline
MFR#: AZRZ100    Tiger#: TM17303
  • Max Capacity of 6 x 15ml
  • Variable Speed up to 4,000 rpm (1,900 x g)
  • Clear Lid with Safety Lock
  • Adapters Available for all Common Blood Draw Tubes
Availability:In Stock
Ships Within: 24 - 48 Hours
CapacityRPMRCFWarrantyPower Requirements
6 x 15 ml1,000rpm to 4,000rpm118 - 1,900 x g2 year120V~, 60 Hz
Price: $682.50

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Beckman Coulter

Ac-T 5diff Auto Loader Hematology Analyzer 179354

by Beckman Coulter
MFR#: 179354    Tiger#: TM70893
  • Auto loading device can pre-load up to 100 samples and has an 80 sample/hour throughput
  • 2 additional holders facilitate differently sized tubes for completely flexible testing
  • Sophisticated technology provides 5-part differential analysis and applies appropriate parameters
  • Complete data management system included for streamlined recall and management
  • User-friendly system guarantees simple use when obtaining precise, accurate results
Ships Within: 14 - 21 Business Days
21.5" H x 32.3" W x 22.5" DWBC, RBC, Hgb, HCT, PLT,80 samples/hour
Price: $39,171.88

Beckman Coulter

UniCel DxH 800 Hematology Analyzer Workstation 628134

by Beckman Coulter
MFR#: 628134    Tiger#: TM71242
  • Single aspiration pathway eliminates modal issues and helps enhance efficiency 
  • Quality monitoring and Remote System Management help streamline data management and ensure confidence
  • Advanced methodologies provide up to 10x more data than standard analyzers for exceptional accuracy
  • Pre-loadable cassettes give technicians more time for other lab work
  • Upgradable module can provide up-to-date technology, long-term
Ships Within: 14 - 21 Business Days
31" D x 30" W x 38" HWBC, UWBC, RBC, HGB, HCT, MCV, MCH, MCHC, RDW, RDW-SD, PLT, MPV: NE, LY, MO, EO, BA, NRBC, NE#, LY#, MO#, EO#, BA#, NRBC: RET, RET#, MRV, IRF: TNC, RBC100 samples/hr

Beckman Coulter

UniCel DxH 600 Hematology Analyzer B01795

by Beckman Coulter
MFR#: B01795    Tiger#: TM72335
  • Single aspiration pathway eliminates modal issues and helps enhance efficiency 
  • AIM technology provides exceptional accuracy without extra reagents and uses advanced algorithms for impressive data displays
  • Advanced methodologies provide up to 10x more data than standard analyzers for exceptional accuracy
  • Auto-loading provides walkaway efficiency and allows technicians to concentrate on other vital work
  • Standardization of process is achieved through the utilization of the same technologies as DxH 800
Ships Within: 14 - 21 Business Days
38"H x 30" W x 31" DWBC, RBC, HGB, PLT, NE#, RET100 samples/hour (max)
Price: $81,221.44

Beckman Coulter

LH 750 Hematology System 6605731

by Beckman Coulter
MFR#: 6605731    Tiger#: TM72744
  • AccuCount technology improves linearity of RBC and platelet counts
  • Automated testing reduces the need for additional reagents
  • Standardized process and user-defined decision making increases clinical confidence and accuracy
  • Automated fluid analysis of cerebrospinal, serous and synovial fluids 
  • Optional SlideMaker and SlideStainer removes time-consuming manual slide preparation for enhanced lab efficiency
Ships Within: 14 - 21 Business Days
35" H x 40"W x 24" DWBC, RBC, HGB, PLT, NE#, RET110 samples/hour

Beckman Coulter

LH 780 Hematology Analyzer 771996

by Beckman Coulter
MFR#: 771996    Tiger#: TM73342
  • Drives productivity to ensure better efficiency and an increased turnaround time
  • Automated NRBC enumeration reduces the need for retesting and additional reagents
  • Patient safety is prioritized through the use of automatic barcode scanning 
  • Environmentally friendly practice encouraged, and cyanide-free reagents are available
  • LH SlideMaker and SlideStainer optionally available
Ships Within: 14 - 21 Business Days
35"H x 40" W x 24 " DWBC, RBC, HGB and PLT110 samples/hour

Siemens Diagnostics

Hematek® 3000 Slide Stainer 10805311

by Siemens Diagnostics
MFR#: 10805311    Tiger#: TM74954
  • Complements Siemen's hematology analyzers
  • Enhances productivity and efficiency
  • User-defined mechanisms and precision controls
  • Pumps provide the precise amount of reagent
  • Minimum hands-on time with continuous-feed loading platform
  • All-in-one stain pack can be used for up to 900 slides
Ships Within: 14 - 21 Business Days
8.7" H x 21.3" W x 18.1" D
Price: $9,416.25

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