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Thermometry carries a full line of thermometry products from trusted manufacturers. Click on a category below to get started. Choose from infrared thermometers, ear thermometers, rigid and flexible digital stick thermometers (for oral, rectal, and axillary use at home), electronic thermometers (also for oral, rectal, and axillary use in a professional setting), and a full line of accessories for each kind of thermometer. Conatact us and we will happily provide you with any assisatance that you require.

Ear Thermometers

Ear thermometers are the ideal choice for a non-invasive, quick, and simple way of taking a patient's temperature. Our Tympanic IR Thermometer from ADC has a one-second response time and is very accurate; within .4° F and .2° C. It comes with a carrying case and 20 probe sheaths. The Omron Ear Thermometer with IntelliTemp is another super-fast and comfortable choice for the patient and the physician. It has readings in Fahrenheit and Celsius, and its design is small and compact. Its IntelliTemp technology option allows for readings even when a direct line to the eardrum is not easily achievable.

Digital Stick Thermometers

We have a large selection of digital stick thermometers from companies ADC and Omron. ADC's 413 Digital Thermometer comes in Oral and Rectal and is a popular brand of digital thermometers. It is lightweight, weighing only 11 grams and uses a battery that lasts for 1,500 uses. Both the oral and rectal have purchase quantity options of a single thermometer or a box of 25. The Digital Thermometer with a Flex Tip from Omron has a very short wait time of only 10 seconds. This thermometer can be used as oral, rectal, or axillary, and features a flexible tip which provides extra comfort for the patient. For pediatric patients, the Adimals 10-second Digital Thermometers from ADC is a great choice. They have all the features of a good quality, fully functional digital thermometer and feature child-friendly animal designs.

Electronic Thermometers

The Filac 3000 AD Electronic Thermometer from Covidien/Kendall can be used as oral, rectal, or axillary and offers fast and accurate temperatures. When using it as oral, there is a quick mode feature for even faster results. It can be stood on a flat surface, such as a desk top, or mounted on a surface or a wall. It has a key lock feature for its security. Welch Allyn's SureTemp Plus 690 is easy to use and features a large LCD display for clear readings. It provides super-fast measurements; 4-second for oral, 15-second for adult axillary, 10-second for pediatric axillary, and 10-second for rectal. There are six buying options, including a choice of a 4-foot or 9-foot cord length and a choice of purchasing the thermometer with or without a wall mount.

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