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Neurological Testing

Neurological testing equipment is used for assessing neurological functioning and diagnosis of neurological disorders and diseases of the central and peripheral nervous systems. Tiger Medical offers an array of neurological testing tools, including reflex hammers and tuning forks, necessary for various neurological diagnostic procedures.

Reflex Hammers

In our reflex hammer section you will find all the various kinds of percussion hammers that you may need. The most popular reflex hammer, found in most physician's offices and clinics, is the Taylor Hammer. The one from ADC featuers a synthetic rubber head and comes in five color options. Check out the Babinski Hammer, also from ADC, which comes with a needle conveniently enclosed inside the handle. We also carry a Neurological Hammer Set which includes five neurological instruments in one handy package.

Tuning Forks

Tiger Medical offers a full selection of tuning forks from ADC with multiple frequency options, all lightweight and constructed of an aluminum alloy. Choose between forks with a fixed weight at its end and those without. All of ADC's tuning forks are made of one solid piece of metal for great performance and accurate frequency.

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