Accurate and timely diagnosis can save a patient’s life. This makes Diagnostic Equipment a crucial part of any medical practice’s arsenal of life-saving tools. Diagnostic medical tools are found in adult and pediatric inpatient/outpatient care facilities, emergency rooms, and intensive care units. 

Whether you’re looking for high-quality medical diagnostic equipment for a new medical facility or need to replace old diagnostic equipment, it’s important to find what fits your budget, current workflow, and other priorities. 

Why are Diagnostic Procedures Important

Diagnostic procedures are conducted to identify the cause of a patient’s symptoms. For instance, a patient that complains of a persistent headache may undergo a brain scan to rule out the possible causes. Once a diagnosis has been made, medical professionals can devise an appropriate treatment plan. Faulty diagnosis due to malfunctioning or improperly calibrated diagnostic machines can have fatal consequences. 

Kinds of Diagnostic Equipment

There are many different types of medical diagnostic equipment ranging from simple tools like a stethoscope to more complex medical imaging machines such as ultrasounds, MRI, and CT scanners.

The kinds of diagnostic equipment used in medical specializations also differ. Gynecologists, for example, use ultrasound devices and coloscopes to examine a patient. Otolaryngologists (ENT specialists), general physicians, and family doctors use otoscopes, ophthalmoscopes, and audiometry devices to diagnose ENT-related conditions. Cardiologists need ECG / EKG machines to diagnose heart conditions. 

At Tiger Medical, we are committed to providing healthcare facilities of any size with quality and competitively-priced Medical Diagnostic Equipment, Tools, and Devices from Welch Allyn, Reister, ADC, GE Healthcare, and more industry-leading brands. From Stethoscopes, Vital Signs Monitors, Dermascopes, Ophthalmoscopes, Pulse Oximeters, and Ultrasound Devices, to Accessories and Parts such as BP Cuffs, Cables, and Tubes, we provide only quality products that you can trust.

Diagnostic EquipmentDiagnostic Sets

Diagnostic Sets are all-in-one packages with a rechargeable power handle and interchangeable Otoscope and Ophthalmoscope heads. Perfect for a fast-paced clinical environment, Diagnostic Sets enable Physicians, Pediatricians, and ENT Specialists to examine their patients and diagnose conditions such as retinal migraines, cataracts, ear infections, ruptured ear drums, tonsilitis, and more.


Blood PressureBlood Pressure

Measuring blood pressure, whether in-facility or at the patient’s home, should be easy and accurate. Tiger Medical offers a wide range of Blood Pressure Monitors, from wall-mounted or mobile Aneroid Sphygmomanometers to Digital Blood Pressure Monitors, Pocket and Palm Aneroids, and Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitors. We also carry BP supplies and accessories including Reusable and Disposable BP Cuffs and Bladders/Valves.


Wall Systems

Wall Systems

Wall systems are an excellent way of keeping diagnostic tools organized and accessible while saving space. Our Diagnostic Wall Systems from major brands including Welch Allyn, Reister, and ADC can be customized and upgraded to include an otoscope, ophthalmoscope, vital signs monitor, and EENT diagnostic devices, letting you work with your budget without sacrificing quality.


Spot Vital Signs Monitor

Spot Vital Signs Monitors

With the right Spot Vital Signs Monitor, you can measure NIBP, SpO2, pulse rate, and temperature in seconds, boosting your efficiency and improving patient care. We provide user-friendly Vital Signs Monitors with various features to match your needs, including large backlit LCD screens, programmable alarms, built-in memory, EMR connectivity, and other features specific to adult, pediatric, and neonatal use.



Hearing / Audiometry

Ensure accurate and fast tympanometry, acoustic reflex measurements, and audiometry results for patients of any age and mobility with our collection of state-of-the-art audiometric testing equipment. From the diagnostics giant Welch Allyn, we offer a range of user-friendly Audiology Equipment with manual and automatic audiometry capabilities, frequency and intensity options, noise-management technology, and other features that ensure accuracy and convenience.


Cardiology Equipment

Cardiology Equipment

The increasing need for cardiology services demands a complete suite of quality cardiology equipment and accessories. We provide everything from EKG/ECG machines, Holters, Spirometers, and Stress Test Equipment to accessories including Electrodes, Chart Paper, Cables, Clips, Adapters, Skin Preparation Accessories, and Mounting and Storage Options like Hospital Cart and Wall Mounts.


Top Medical Diagnostic Equipment Manufacturers

The medical diagnostic equipment industry is dominated by giant manufacturers like Welch Allyn, GE, Edan, Schiller, and Reister. Products from any of these manufacturers are guaranteed safe, effective, and medical-grade.

When it comes to ENT diagnostics, Welch Allyn, Reister, and ADC are some of the most trusted brands worldwide. Welch Allyn has been producing innovative diagnostic devices for over 100 years, with their products including vital signs monitors, ECG / EKG machines, blood pressure monitors, spirometers, thermometers, stethoscopes, and much more. 

GE is another powerhouse in the medical diagnostics industry known for its cutting-edge medical diagnostic equipment including CT image machines, MRI, XRAY, ultrasound, vital signs monitors, ECG machines, and more. They are particularly well-known for cardiology devices, along with Welch Allyn, Edan, Schiller, and Omron.

Tiger Medical is a proud authorized reseller of these brands, ensuring that we only deliver the best Diagnostic Equipment for your facility.


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